Thursday, November 17, 2016

Swoon-Worthy Beauty Gifts No. 3 - Nu Skin ageLOC Me Personalized Skincare

Nu Skin ageLOC Me Skincare Device
ageLOC Me Skincare System (c/o Nu Skin)
This is the most luxe gift in this week's series and I realize it's not going to be for everyone or sit well in everyone's budget, but I wouldn't be suggesting it if I didn't think it was absolutely brilliant! Nu Skin ageLOC Me is a system that provides an easy, efficient skincare regime that's customized to suit the every need of your skin. If you have a beauty buff on your Christmas shopping list who ranks pretty high in the pecking order, this is the most fabulous gift you can give... It's not only great for women, it's also a superb way of getting men to stick to a skincare routine because not only does it involve a super cool gadget, it's also easy and there's absolutely no guess work required. It's as simple as pressing a button.

ageLOC Me Cartridges

Here's how it works... When you buy the ageLOC Me device, you receive a 1 month supply of skincare products to get started with. The products are specially suited to the region where you live and will be what the recipient will use while they go through the process of analyzing their skin for personalization. The starter kit contains 3 serums that mix together when they're dispensed, a day cream and a night cream. The month's supply allows enough for use every morning and evening.

After 14 days of using the starter kit, the user then completes an online assessment which is super easy. The questions are geared toward recognizing what the individual's skin needs. For example, some of the information I gave on my assessment included my age, skin tone, that I live in a city, skin concerns and product preferences. My preferences included a richer night cream, increased sun protection and more moisturizing. The answers to many of the questions are done on a sliding scale, so it's super easy and the survey only takes about 5 or 10 minutes. Once it's completed, a customized skincare regime that's specific to the user is then generated and sent out. There's also an Automatic Delivery Rewards program for people who decide to have their products delivered on a set date each month, which offers a good amount of savings for continuous users.

ageLOC Me Skincare System Loading

One of the things I really like about this system of skincare is the ease of it. It's definitely a luxury, but it makes moisturizing so simple, quick and easy. It's also quite easy to switch up your products if your needs change. For example, you may be in a different climate for part of the year or you may notice that your skin is really different as you get older, while you're expecting a baby or when you're spending time in a different place, like a few months in the country... There's no guessing about which product to buy next with the ageLOC Me system - you simply go back to the survey and fill in your new answers to tweak your program. Easy peasy!

I used this system for two months and I've got to say, it's honestly really cool! There's absolutely no excuse for not applying moisturizer and serum when it's as easy as putting your hand in a device. This is a perfect system for people who are super busy and quite happy to pay a bit more for a skincare system that makes their life easier. Managing the preferences is very easy and can even been done from a phone app. The device itself is quite big, but it's sleek and white, so it doesn't interfere with decor and it runs on AA batteries, meaning it's not much of a chore to keep it powered. The skincare products are absolutely brilliant and the customization options I hoped for were exactly what I received when I got my first customized pack. 

Nu Skin ageLOC Me serums

The machine is set to dispense a morning and night routine and it has a clock in it, so it knows what to give you when. You can of course opt to change that if you need a second dose of day cream after a shower or something like that. You don't have to search for a day bottle or a night bottle, sifting through an endless collection of skincare jars. It's all sorted out for you. The product comes in sealed syringe-like cartridges so if you swap out a different set for your holiday in the sun, it's okay... You can go back to your old set when you return and it will be fine. A skincare system like this also eliminates the whole dirty hands in the cream jar problem too. I've absolutely loved using the ageLOC Me system and I can't recommend it enough. 

The ageLOC Me Skincare System Festive Edition is £607.04 online and includes the device, three serums, a day cream and a night cream, all packaged in a pretty Christmas box. For more information or to buy, visit This is the ultimate in luxury skincare Christmas gifts, but I won't tell a soul if you decide to be stingy and buy one for yourself instead! Shhhh... 

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