Friday, November 18, 2016

Swoon-Worthy Beauty Gifts No. 5 - Bramley Violet Bathing Travel Gift Set

Candle and bubble bath with purple floral box
Violet Bathing Travel Gift Set (c/o Bramley)
To round out the week and finish up the Swoon-Worthy Beauty Gifts Series, I give you the most affordable beauty gift option so far... In my opinion, it's one of the loveliest too! Comprising of a small bottle of bubble bath and a small votive-sized candle, the Bramley Violet Bathing Travel Gift Set contains everything one needs for a relaxing bubble bath or two... Relaxation in this digital age we're living in when we're all constantly plugged in and everyone is talking about mindfulness all the time is just about one of the best gifts you can give someone this Christmas!

If you haven't heard of Bramley before, you're in for a treat. This super affordable brand offers natural British handmade bath & body products free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals and artificial colors. Animal lovers will appreciate that Bramley products are not tested on animals. The candle contains 100% natural wax made from certified Vegan ingredients that are sourced from sustainable crops and it's free from paraffin, petrochemicals and palm wax while the wick is crafted from lead-free, natural fibre. Founded by Chloë Luxton, a former Product Manager for Cowshed, Bramley uses all-natural ingredients including essential oils and 100% natural botanicals to create products with therapeutic properties. A fan of citrus scents, I love that all the products have their own individual scents, yet feature base notes of citrus essential oils which tie the whole collection together. The result is refreshing, unique and quite unlike any other brand of bath & body products I've tried before.

The Bramley Violet Bathing Travel Gift Set is the perfect gift, especially for shoppers who are on a budget as it's only £12.50. Presented in a beautiful box printed with vibrant violet blooms, this set is sure to please any beauty or bath junkie who opens it on Christmas morning. Whether used for travel or simply as a treat, it's definitely a winner with scents that are sweet, floral and citrusy. I primarily smell grapefruit, but it's more subtle and rounded than typical grapefruit scents and as relaxing as can be. If you wanted to add a bit more to this gift, I would suggest adding a book to it for a well-rounded experience. Who wouldn't love getting everything they need for a relaxing bath under the tree this Christmas? I know I certainly would!

The Bramley Violet Bathing Travel Gift Set is £12.50 and they ship internationally. For more information or to buy, visit

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