Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thanksgiving Memory Keepers

Whether you're bringing a covered dish to a family member's house for Thanksgiving this year or hosting your own festive feast, you can certainly give thanks in style with a few added extras. I have always loved Thanksgiving decorations perhaps even a little more than those we put out at Christmas... Maybe it's because they're less obvious or perhaps it's because they are a sign of the great things to come in the rest of the year. For whatever reason, having a few Thanksgiving themed serving dishes or other table accents adds a sense of occasion to the annual feast. I personally like to buy one or two things every Thanksgiving to add to my collection and with each passing year I find my table is more complete and my home is a little more festive. You probably won't remember that your mashed potatoes were lumpy or that the gravy wasn't just right 20 years from now, but you'll cherish the memories that flood your mind every time you take out the dish you use annually to serve your family pumpkin pie or the tablecloth you put on the dinner table when you welcome guests into your home to give thanks. These aren't just silly decorations... They become heirlooms and traditions, preserving new memories to cherish with every passing Thanksgiving feast. Here's to Thanksgiving 2016 - may it be your best one yet!


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