Thursday, December 8, 2016

Movie Night No. 5 - Just Friends

Just Friends DVD, canapes, napkin and softdrink
Pomegranate & Acai Still Vitamin Water (c/o Hey Like Wow) / Waitrose Fa La La La La Napkins (found in store)
Just Friends DVD / M&S (found in store)
We are officially in Christmas movie season and I must admit, it's one of my favorite times of year. I just love Christmas movies and some of them are really fun! If you've never seen Just Friends before, allow me to introduce you to this classic little film gem starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Amy Smart. It's a treasure and so much fun!

"It's go time!" - Samantha James

Ryan Reynolds plays Chris Brander, a guy who was an overweight outcast in high school and best friends with Jamie, the pretty, popular cheerleader played by Amy Smart. Reynolds even wears a fat suit in some of the high school scenes and it's so funny. At a graduation party, Chris tries to tell Jamie how he feels about her with a note he wrote in her yearbook, but his book gets switched with someone else's and his heartfelt declaration falls into the hands of the popular jocks leading to a cruel public humiliation. Fast forward 10 years and Chris is now a hot, successful music industry executive. He's also good at almost everything and a total player - in short, he's exactly the opposite of the person he used to be. On a business trip with pop sensation Samantha James, the plane is grounded in New Jersey and Chris has little choice but to take his pop tart in tow and head home for the holidays where he'll have to face his fears, his family and everyone he left behind, including Jamie, the girl who broke his heart and Dusty Dinkleman (played by Chris Klein), the other now hot former nerd who wants to compete for her affections. This movie is full of laughs, Ryan Reynolds is as gorgeous & dead-pan funny as ever and I think this might be Anna Faris's funniest role to date. It's a really fun holiday film and not one of the usual ones that tend to be overplayed year after year! Here are my suggestions for making the perfect holiday night in with Just Friends... 

"You slap like a cheerleader..."
- Chris Brander

Just Friends DVD

1. The Film
Just Friends is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime, available to buy on iTunes and available on DVD from Amazon

"Mom! I need my skates to show off my talents!"
- Chris Brander

Vitamin Water Bottle

2. Drinks
In the spirit of Chris's LA transformation, it seems a vitamin water with a name like Hey Like Wow is more than appropriate. Hey Like Wow is a fun alternative to sugary drinks that uses 'blast cap' technology to deliver Vitamins B6, C and D along with flavors to water. Here's how it works... You open the seal and remove the cap. There's a red button on the top and you push that down all the way. Then you shake and watch as the drink turns from pale to bright as the vitamins are mixed into the water. I tried the Pomegranate & Acai and it's delicious. These drinks are also sugar-free with no nasties and they contain no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. Hey Like Wow drinks can be found in Tesco stores nationwide and all I can say about these fun vitamin waters the same thing I think I would say if I saw Chris Brander after his 10 years in LA... Hey Like Wow!

"You and I are gonna be the greatest musical manager team since Jessica Simpson and her father only you and I get to 'mreow' and they can't, cause it's illegal. I looked it up."
Samantha James

Pizza Christmas Trees

3. Food
Just Friends takes place over Christmas and there is talk of pizza in the film, so I decided for my movie night I would nosh on these Pizza Christmas Trees from Marks & Spencer. If you don't have an M&S nearby, don't sweat it... These would be easy to make. Just buy a ready made pizza dough or a ready made puff pastry roll and cut it into triangles. Make little triangle sandwiches with some pizza sauce and some shredded mozzarella cheese and bake according to the packet instructions. Finish them off by sticking pretzel sticks in the bottom when they come out of the oven and voila - you have pizza Christmas trees! You could even add pepperoni in the middle if you like.

4. Playlist
Just Friends has a fun playlist featuring a few Christmas tunes mixed up with some 90's throwbacks... Here are a few songs from the film you can play before or after your viewing for the full experience.

"It's like the Michael Botlton starter kit."
- Chris Brander


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