Monday, March 27, 2017

8 Ways to Instantly Update Your Decor

It's easy enough to get bored with your decor, especially as the seasons change and we start to crave either brighter colours for Spring & Summer or warmth & coziness for Autumn & Winter, but with a few little updates here and there you can peak your interest again. With simple tweaks, the look and feel of your casa will start to gradually evolve over time and it's a lot more affordable than completely redecorating every time the trends or seasons change. A full redecorating job isn't something most of us can or want to do more than is absolutely necessary, so updating little by little is a lot less hassle and more fun too. Here are some tips and ideas for how you can give your tired home decor a little spruce for the new season!

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” 
― Maya Angelou

1. Seasonal Blooms
If you want to make a big impact on a room without changing anything too permanently, a few well-placed fresh flowers can make all the difference. This is a perfect hack for anyone living in a small space who may not have the luxury of room to put new furniture or decor items. If you're someone who is easily bored with how things look, think seasonal. A wide variety of flowers are available year round these days in most places, so I don't necessarily mean they have to be in season, but that you can change them each season, even if you only opt for another colour. For example, I might do white roses in winter, blush roses for spring, yellow roses in summer, orange roses for autumn and then red roses for Christmas. Alternatively, you can just give your favourite florist a budget and ask for something seasonal every couple of weeks or set yourself a budget to use at a fresh flower market stall every week or two. It adds a bit of variety to the look and feel of a home without making things too complicated or difficult.

2. A New Rug
Hate your carpet or floors? Need to hide a hideous red wine stain that wouldn't come out after the last party you hosted? Need a little colour or contrast added to your living space? A rug is a great way to update your home decor with a bit of colour, a new trend or to just make a change. Whether money is no object or you're on a budget there are plenty of options available in a range of sizes, colours and designs and if someone spills wine on the rug, it's more easily replaced or cleaned than your carpet.

3. Cushion Change
Switching up your cushion game is about the easiest thing you can do to update the look of your home. It could be the cushions on your couch, in your home office or the ones you toss on your bed, but there are never-ending options for upgrading, changing or replacing your throw pillows. Whether you opt for updating just the covers or buying a whole new cushion, this is a chance to get creative, excited and really express yourself through your decor. If there's something you really love or a colour that's your favourite, why not let it shine with a cushion or two on the couch, bed or your favourite armchair. Tired of plain square pillows? Upgrade to a different shape or choose a pattern... This is one decor hack that literally fits into almost any budget with some options ringing in at under £10 and the benefits are as cozy as they are cute.

4. Small Accents
I have a pretty strict rule in my home... Almost everything needs to be functional and chic. I don't have a lot of empty, blank space in my flat to host a collection of useless decorative items. I wish I did, but I don't. So I often look for beautiful versions of things I use regularly like baskets, candles, books, vases, etc. A really decorative candle or vase in the middle of a table on its own will catch the eye and you might be surprised how much of an impact such a small purchase can make. For a bonus, when the candle burns out, clean out the pretty jar and repurpose it as a small vase, a candy jar, a pencil cup or a way to store your makeup brushes.

5.  Go Green
Another chic and functional item I love is a plant. Whether you opt for an oh-so-trendy cactus or terrarium, invest in a tree for that bare corner that's driving you crazy or go even more functional with an herb garden, plants are amazing. They improve the air quality in your home and they're beautiful at the same time. I often buy fresh herb plants from my local grocery store and keep them on the window ledge where they'll get sun. They come in handy for cooking or making cocktails and they're cheaper than buying the expensive bags of fresh cut herbs that don't last very long before they wilt... Mojito anyone?

6. Hanging Around
Unless you're in possession of a few Picasso's on your walls, it's probably not that big of a deal to change up what's hanging around your home. You don't have to throw them out or get rid of them... Move something to a new room, repaint it a new colour or repurpose it some other way. Replace old curtains or simply switch them up for the season. Invest in a new piece of wall art that more appropriately represents the new colour scheme you'd like to start using piece by piece in your home or update your old photo frames with fun, new ones.

7. Stylish & Functional Entertaining & Dining Goods
Dinnerware, serveware and barware are all things that can function far beyond dinner parties. If I have guests coming over, I love to set up the table with chic placemats, plates and glassware as an added decor statement even when I'm not serving dinner or sometimes I'll simply put out a beautiful bowl full of snacks or fruits on a table for the colour. It's not unusual for me to display fresh flowers in a favourite drinking glass or pitcher and all of my beautiful serving dishes, glasses and cast iron cookware pieces are proudly on display in my home where they can be seen on shelves in the kitchen or through the glass doors of my sideboard. It's all too pretty to hide and yet not a waste of space because every piece has at least one use if not more... If you're looking for a home update, perhaps a new piece of colourful cookware to display in the kitchen would be nice, a new set of colourful dishes, a beautiful tray that you can lean against the wall when not in use, some new table linens or even a pretty tea kettle to sit on the stovetop might be just what you need to get the look you're after while saving some precious space at the same time.

8. Small Furnishings
I'm a big fan of the pouffe or ottoman as a decor statement. You can use them as a table when you put a tray on top or rest your feet on them while you watch telly, so they're very functional, but they're also super cute and if you want a real change, opt for one with a print that complements your current colour scheme or a contrasting solid for a pop of colour. If that's not the answer, a bar cart is a fun way to upgrade your living or dining room while improving your storage options and the colourful bottles you store on it will add some interest to the room. Even a floor cushion can be the statement you make to change things up a bit... The options are endless!


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