Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Romantic Ruffles - A Wish List

Ruffles seem to be everywhere lately and they're more stylish and romantic than ever. From tops that are reminiscent of the 90's peasant blouses right on down to shoes with ruffled embellishments on them, this trend seems to be taking over right now, but in a way that's more fun than ever before. I love to offset a girly, feminine ruffled piece with edgy shoes or accessories for a bit of contrast. A pair of fishnet tights with a pink ruffled dress or a ruffly t-shirt with ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers keeps the look from being too over-the-top. How are you incorporating ruffles into your look this season?

Here are 18 ruffled pieces that are currently ranking pretty high on my wish list! Use the arrows to scroll through and click on the images to shop directly.


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