Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fun Accessories For Infusing a Little 'Vitamin Sea' Into Your Everyday Look

yellow dress, navy and white striped scarf, navy tights, brown boots and sunglasses
Scarf c/o Laurél
I've had this dress forever and truth be told, I've probably worn it to death. It was less than £20 at H&M last Summer, but it has pockets, it's a fun colour and it layers perfectly so it works for all seasons. (H&M has similar styles this summer too available here in black, light mole, pink and blue.) If I'm honest, I'm a little tired of it now since I've worn it so much, but rather than throw it in the donations bag, I decided to get creative a few days ago to see if I could breathe some new life into this old frock. I found myself reaching for a styling hack I turn to time and again during the Spring & Summer... I added a little nautical vibe to it with a navy & white striped scarf by Laurél.

This little adventure of shopping my closet got me thinking... Nautical isn't really on-trend this season. For some it's a classic statement that never goes out of style, but for others it's only a statement to be worn when the runways and magazines dictate that it's cool again. Regardless of which camp you fall into, there's no denying the seasonal appropriateness of a well-placed nod to nautical during the warmer months and accessories are a great way to switch things up in a seaside-inspired way without dressing like a sailor from head-to-toe. I've pulled a few great accessories at a range of prices that are perfect for injecting a little Vitamin Sea into your wardrobe this season and if you scroll down further, I've put together a few examples of how to rock this look whether you're soaking up some rays, heading to the office, meeting the girls for brunch or simply trying to update some more basic pieces in your closet.

Seaside Inspired Accessories

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Poolside or at the Beach...

If I'm packing for a holiday, I really don't want to bring that much. One or two swimsuits is more than enough, but that doesn't mean you have to look exactly the same every time you hit the beach or the pool. Whether you're suit is new or an oldie but goodie, pair it with a maritime-inspired necklace and tie a nautical scarf around the handle of a neutral beach bag for an instant update. These accessories can also be worn with dresses or jeans during the same trip to cut down on packing.

Perk Up Your Old Faithful Jeans and White T-shirt

Jeans and a white t-shirt are classic staples in every wardrobe. Take your basics to the next nautical level with wedges and a seafaring tote. This also works with your favourite white collared button-down shirt, a solid coloured sweater or any top you're loving in a solid, complementary colour. It works with shorts too! If you want to be really adventurous, pair your navy & red accessories with a colour outside the nautical family like pink, peach or camel for a more interesting look.

Punch Up That White Dress You've Worn To Death
We all have that one dress we've worn so often that everyone everywhere has surely seen it, but that doesn't mean it can't still get us through a few more parties or events. A pair of bright red earrings and a nautical clutch is all this dress needs for a whole new look and it's perfect for summer garden parties, polo matches or wherever your social calendar takes you. If you're attending a wedding, I wouldn't wear this look with a white dress, but it will work perfectly with other dresses you may have in your wardrobe in navy, red or other neutrals.

Wear it to Work 
You don't have to be sailing the seven seas to work a little vitamin sea into your look... In fact, I love a little maritime inspiration in a work wardrobe if for no other reason than it makes slaving over a desk on a sunny, summer day a bit more bearable when you'd rather be outside sipping margaritas. It also helps you go from desk to rooftop cocktail bar (or beach bar if you're lucky) that much easier. Pair a red, yellow, white, navy or even coral work dress with an ocean-chic statement necklace and tie it together with a pair of contrasting striped flats. You'll nail summer work style like a boss and have a little more fun with your office look at the same time, not to mention that it will give that old dress you're sick of a new lease on life!

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