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TWID - Serving Up Delicious Food & Cocktails With a Side of Live Opera Music in Battersea

TWID restaurant bust and boxes
Inside TWID...
Just a short walk from Clapham Junction, near the heart of Battersea is TWID, a live music bar and restaurant that serves up delicious food, cocktails and live opera music weekly. Fun, quirky and full of surprises, TWID is unlike any other restaurant I've been to in London! Perfect for couples and groups big or small, TWID is one of the most unique dining experiences I've had in quite some time.

lamb chops
Lamb at TWID
We arrived at TWID around 8pm and before we could even speak to a host or hostess, we were being gallantly serenaded by an opera crooner with a song from Mozart's Don Giovanni. If you're heading to TWID, it's important to remember that this is a thing... The opera performers will sneak up on you, belt in your face and scare the living daylights out of you, but it's all part of the fun & charm of this hidden gem!

The Waldorf and the Rossini at TWID
Cocktails are the name of the game at TWID, though there is a fully stocked bar with plenty of options including wine, spirits, beer from the local Brixton Brewery and even a selection of liqueur coffees. The cocktail menu is divided into two sections: Flat and Bubbles. My favourite cocktail was the Rossini made with strawberry puree, a hint of rose water and Prosecco. The cocktails are priced at a very reasonable £7, so you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank!

opera singers
Live music at TWID
The space at TWID is rather grand and unfinished at the same time, resembling an ageing opera house with each of the tables nestled into what looks like a theatre box. A grand chandelier greets you when you walk through the door and there are plush red velvet curtains with tassel ties everywhere, setting the scene accordingly. The opera singers are dressed in costumes, although they're rather nondescript and meant to suggest a mood I think rather than a specific character. It's not unusual to see one of them jumping from the upper level through a small opening onto the middle table or to have a singer pop up and take a seat at your own table while singing. It's all part of the show and while occasionally startling, great for a laugh!

Venison Medallions at TWID
Food at TWID is mostly for sharing as designed by Tom Ilic, which is one of my favourite ways to dine and it works really well with the entertainment. The manager suggested that we order 4 or 5 plates to start with and then to order more if we had room. The plates came and went at different times and while we were seated upstairs, we had a button we could push if we required service or wanted to order more food. We took the manager's advice and went for the Venison Medallions, Duck, Lamb Cutlets and Cod. Each plate is about the size of a smallish main course for one person. They were positively delicious and my favourite I think was the venison which was succulent and beautifully cooked to medium rare perfection! That said, I also really loved the lamb which was so flavourful and pink as you like. 

roast cod
Cod at TWID
The menu offers a range of options including multiple fish & seafood dishes as well as a whole section of vegetarian, vegan and raw plates. Traditional desserts are featured alongside a selection of raw desserts that are made with premium organic ingredients, followed by a selection of teas & coffees as well as dessert drinks. All in, there's something for everyone regardless of dietary needs and from what I've tasted of the menu, it does not disappoint!

Edgar Allan Poe and raven painting
The side of a box at TWID
The live entertainment at TWID is offered 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday) featuring live opera singers from 7:30pm to 10pm followed by a DJ spinning tunes after 10pm. Even those who don't consider themselves opera aficionados can enjoy this delightful night out in London as the performers choose a selection of well-known and recognisable classics. There were also a few tunes that aren't quite from the opera repertoire such as Old Man River from the musical Carousel and I Loves You Porgy from Porgy and Bess. It's fair to say that you shouldn't go to TWID expecting to see Pavarotti because that's not what you'll get, but if you enjoy a good bit of opera music or are looking for something outside the box to do in London, then it's worth booking a reservation... I left singing and feeling quite light on my feet despite the massive amounts of food & cocktails I'd digested. It's simply a lovely evening out and lots of fun.

roast duck
Duck at TWID

Though there's no live entertainment on Sundays and during the day, I wouldn't discount TWID for a lunch or Sunday roast if you're in the neighbourhood. The draw of course is the quirky decor and the live music, but the food is just as impressive if not more so and it's still a fun place where you can get a secluded table with friends for good food and a chat. It's also pretty Instagram-worthy!

TWID Restaurant London
TWID is located at 228 York Road in Battersea and it's just about a 10 minute walk or less from Clapham Junction. For reservations or more information, call 0207 223 2125 or visit twid-restaurantbar.co.uk.

* Review opportunity kindly provided by TWID, however all views are strictly my own and in no way influenced by TWID or any other associated parties.*

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