Monday, July 10, 2017

American Daydream - Celebrating 80 Years of Krispy Kreme


It's a good day when donuts show up my door, especially last week when the new Krispy Kreme American Daydream flavours arrived in a box shaped like a donut delivery van. In celebration of Krispy Kreme's 80th birthday, these donut favourites are taking a cross-country tour of the USA, picking up 4 new flavours along the way inspired by America's favourite sweet treats. 

Krispy Kreme

When I was a little girl my sister and I would visit my dad and he used to take us late at night as a special treat 'to see the donuts marching.' Dad lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, but in those days he also spent summers in Winston-Salem where Krispy Kreme was founded. We'd pile into the car with excitement and drive to the big Krispy Kreme and stare through the big window, watching them bouncing along a conveyer belt, flipped and fried to perfection. Dad called this bouncy action donuts marching and not only did it amuse me as a child, it totally made sense - they were like little round soldiers bopping along. After we watched them march off to duty for a few minutes, we'd then head inside and pick out our favourite flavours to take home. We didn't have a donut shop in our hometown, so this was an extra special treat and it's one of my favourite childhood memories.

Glazed Donuts

It was there in Winston-Salem 80 years ago where the King of Krispy Kreme founded everyone's favourite donut chain in the 1930's. Starting out with a recipe he got from a New Orleans French chef (it's rumoured that he won it in a poker match), Vernon Rudolph rented a building and started selling to local grocery stores. As people began to smell the aroma of cooking donuts on the street, they started asking to buy them then and there, so Vernon being the ultimate entrepreneur, cut a hole in the wall and started selling to passersby. Now you can find Krispy Kreme pretty much anywhere you look in countries all over the world. I'd say that's a pretty impressive legacy!

Krispy Kreme American Daydream Donut selection

Four new flavours, each based on iconic American classics will make a splash this month here in the UK. Pecan Pie, a traditional Southern dessert often made for celebrations at Thanksgiving and Christmas is a classic round donut with maple icing and sprinkled with pecan pieces. New York Cheesecake is of course representing the Big Apple and so decadent... Filled with Kreme cheese, dipped in vanilla icing and sprinkled with crumbs, it's a tribute to the best cheesecake in America. Rocky Road is such an iconic American ice cream flavour that you'd be pressed to find anyone stateside who's never tried it and most people will tell you how much they love it. Leave it to Krispy Kreme to nail this flavour in donut form with a chocolate icing covered donut topped with toffee sauce and filled with toffee & marshmallow filling. It's pretty amazing! And then there's my favourite... The Reese's Peanut Butter & Jelly donut is like a sweeter, more indulgent version of the classic PB&J sandwich and full of ooey, gooey peanut butter. It's amazing!

The new American Daydream donuts will be available from July 10, 2017 across the UK and range in price from £1.90 to £2.10 each. As part of the birthday celebrations, Krispy Kreme is offering donut lovers the chance to win 1 of 3 American vacations (see T&C's here). To enter, you simply need to buy a promotional pack of a dozen donuts and you'll find out instantly whether or not you've won. Pretty simple. Whether you decide to buy a whole box or just one, you won't be disappointed by these fun new flavours and it's like a little taste of America without ever leaving Britain!

* Special thanks to Krispy Kreme for collaborating on this post. While the donuts were provided, all opinions, stories and views are strictly my own and in no way influenced by Krispy Kreme or any affiliated parties. *

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