Thursday, July 13, 2017


striped skirt, black booties, gingham vest, striped bag and gold aviator sunglasses

Nothing quite updates a wardrobe in the summertime like a new pair of sunnies. I find that just this one accessory can switch up a whole look... You can opt for something bright and colourful, a shape you wouldn't normally wear or simply something different to hit the reset button on what you've been sporting day-in-day-out. I recently opted for my very first pair of aviator sunglasses and I love this new addition to my wardrobe. The Mavericks by Maui Jim are the first pair of this style I've ever found that fit my face shape... Other pairs I've tried in the past had lenses that were too big and dipped right down onto my cheek, but these are just right! 

Maui Jim Gold Maverick Sunglasses

Aviators are such a classic style and a timeless symbol of cool. It's hard to see or put on a pair of gold wire-rimmed aviators and not think of a young Tom Cruise in Top Gun or want to quote him saying "I feel the need... the need for speed" while imagining that Highway to the Danger Zone is playing in the background. Created in the 1930's for pilots to protect their eyes while flying, aviators are rumoured to be one of the first styles of sunglasses to become popular among the mainstream. Like so many other style staples we know and love today including wrist watches and trench coats, aviator sunglasses are another example of how military necessity not only influenced fashion trends of the day, but became mainstays in chic wardrobes across the globe.

Aviator sunglasses

If you're at Wimbledon this year or any other Maui Jim sporting event, be sure to check out the Maui Jim Wimbledon Pop Up Shop where for each pair of sunglasses sold, the brand will help to provide access to vision care for children in need by supporting the charity Optometry Giving Sight. The goal is to provide access to eye care for 6,000 children and you can help them do it by doing something we all love: shopping for sunnies!

gingham vest and striped skirt

I've been wearing Maui Jim sunglasses for years and they're one of my favourite eyewear brands. The polarized lenses make life a lot easier, especially on super sunny days. I have no trouble seeing my phone screen and in general, everything is much sharper. For someone who loves wearing sunglasses, this convenience is becoming more of a necessity with every passing day. 

gingham and stripes with blue wall

The Maui Jim Mavericks are super lightweight, making them easy to wear for hours on end. That said, they're super sturdy, something I'd be concerned about with a pair of wire frames since I'm not exactly delicate with my sunnies. These beauties in gold are perfect to wear with pretty much anything whether dressed up for a special day out or simply brunching in jeans & a t-shirt and like all Maui Jim sunglasses, they come in a case with a dust bag that doubles as a lens cloth. Chic, durable and fun, I know I'm going to be wearing the Maui Jim Mavericks all the time this summer and for years to come.

The Maui Jim Mavericks are £255 and available in 4 colourways. For more information on Maui Jim, the Mavericks or to shop, visit

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