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The £15.99 Bag You Need Right Now and Why I Love It For My Wardrobe

The £15.99 Bag You Need Right Now and Why I Love It For My Wardrobe

While I love style and fashion, part of what I love about it is when it all comes together inside my wardrobe and getting dressed is easy. I don't just like style that looks effortless - I have an ongoing goal for my style to actually BE effortless... As in, I want to put in minimal effort for maximum reward. I'm talking about never looking in my closet and saying I have nothing to wear, never trying on 42 outfits before walking out the door for a normal day (only for special occasions), never having to work too terribly hard to put separates together in a way that looks great and being comfortable. While some would agree that comfort is the enemy of style, I'm one of those girls who things looking comfy is chic... Who wants to look uncomfortable? If you look like you're not at ease, it makes the people who look at you feel uneasy as well. 

blue wall, red coat, striped bag and all black outfit

In a never-ending effort to master this effortless wardrobe of my dreams, I've discovered a few things...

1. Neutrals are my friend and when I choose neutrals that go together, even better. 
For example, black, olive, khaki and white all work well together, or navy, khaki and white are all complementary to each other. I would venture to say that 90% of the time I am dressed in head-to-toe neutrals, mostly black and it's not a style that works for everyone, but it's what I personally like. If you're more of a prints & colours person, I've found in the past that it's easier to maintain a functional wardrobe if you stick with colours and prints that work together, perhaps sticking to a complementary colour palette. 

2. A few colourful pieces will keep your neutrals from looking boring. 
Things like bags, scarfs, cardigans, shoes or jewellery in fun colours can keep a girl like me who wears black all the time from looking too much like Wednesday Addams. A red coat, a yellow bag, a pair of red slides and a hot pink pair of oversized sunglasses are all some of my favourites for adding a bit of zhush to my neutrals. 

stripe bag, silver arrow ring and red coat

3. If your bag is the opposite of your wardrobe, but complementary, it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier!
If you're like me and dressing in neutrals most of the time, buy a colourful statement bag or two to keep things interesting and add some spunk to your look. If you're more of a florals and prints kind of girl, then do the opposite. Find a nice neutral bag, perhaps brown or black leather to add a bit of grounding to your ensemble. Either way you can't loose.

black beaded hoop earrings and black wayfarer sunglasses

I'm the girl who wears all black, so I try to buy a colourful bag every season to add some depth to my look and this season I found the perfect, fun, colourful, trendy round bag from Stradivarius and no joke - it was only £15.99! Since most of my wardrobe is black, this stripe pattern is perfect. It will pretty much match almost anything I put on, so it's perfect. That said, I wouldn't be opposed to pairing this fun striped pattern with other, more daring items like a white dress, a polka dot pattern or even a black & white striped look for contrast. It's a fun bag and I know I'm going to have fun styling it throughout Spring & Summer!

What's your favourite bag this season?

black, red, blue, green and white stripe round bag
Bag: Stradivarius / Coat: Gerry Weber - Old (similar here) 
Top: Paraphrase - Old: (similar here) / Jeans: Gap
Ring: Lucy Quartermaine / Earrings: Oliver Bonas
Shoes: ASOS - Old (similar here)

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