Tuesday, May 22, 2018

HAX Glitter Lip Kit

HAX Glitter Lip Kit - £17.99
c/o HAX
Oh, HAX, you had me at glitter! I have from time to time been known to sport a glittery lip, mostly for festive occasions and I can get pretty excited about a bit of sparkle in my eye make-up on a more day-to-day basis. When the folks at HAX reached out to see if I wanted to try their Glitter Lip Kit I didn't hesitate and to be honest, it's really even better than I imagined.

I assumed that I was going to get a crazy, bright & sparkling lip from this lip kit, but it's a lot more subtle than that. It's still pretty sparkly - don't get me wrong, but it's actually wearable. The kit is designed in a way that allows you to control the effect by layering the glitter so you can go super subtle or pile it on thick for a seriously blingin pout. In these photos I'm wearing three light layers of the glitter, which I found gave me the perfect amount of shine, but before we talk about that too much, here's how it works.

The HAX Glitter Lip Kit contains a lip paint, a lip gloss, a pot of glitter and an applicator. The lip paint is a nice, muted pinky redish colour and it goes on first. You can use the edge of the applicator to line your lips and simply fill them in. Next you have a clear gloss which you use to cover the lip colour with and then it's time to get your sparkle on. Finally you have your pot of glitter and an applicator which is made of a rubbery, silicone type material. Dab the glitter from the pot onto the gloss. Repeat the gloss and glitter steps until you get the desired amount of sparkle. As I said above, I did this step three times, dabbing the glitter quite lightly. 

Rather than getting a pout that looks too costumey or extreme, I find that the HAX Glitter Lip Kit gives a shimmering, shiny finish with glitter that sparkles when it catches the light, but doesn't look too intense or extreme. The colour is quite warm and the end result is sort of a pretty copper. The glitter itself is a copper colour, so the more you apply, the more the lip colour changes and it's up to you how to you want to work that. One of the things I love about these lip kits are the curved applicators in the lip paint and the gloss. They make the application process really easy. Similarly, the applicator included for the glitter is designed in a way that minimises mess and eases the process. They've obviously put a lot of thought into the usability of these lip kits.

The result is a sparkling, coppery lip colour that's perfect for any season when you're feeling a little extra. I love the HAX Glitter Lip Kit for festivals or gigs, special occasions or even a big night out, but it's honestly not at all out of place for daytime should you decide you want to rock it and when that sunshine hits it just right, it's going to twinkle like crazy! The HAX Glitter Lip Kit is £17.99 and available from ASOS. For more information or to check out the other fabulous products by HAX click here.

* Glitter Lip Kit generously provided by HAX, however all views are completely my own and in no way influenced by HAX or any affiliated third parties.

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