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Tacos, Margaritas and More at Breddos

Breddos Tacos Soho Storefront

I love tacos. Pretty much anything Mexican-inspired is my favourite, so when my friend & fellow blogger Charlie of Charlie Distracted invited me to eat tacos for lunch at Breddos in Soho, it took me exactly zero seconds to say yes. That said, I've had some less than stellar Mexican food in the last couple of years, so I didn't have very high expectations, but oh my word... Breddos was incredible. It's quite possibly one of my top 5 favourite restaurants in London now.

Breddos interior

Just a quick walk from Oxford Circus (there's also another location in Clerkenwell as well as in Swingers if crazy golf is your thing), Breddos is a cute little spot, but these tacos first made their debut in a makeshift pop-up shack in Hackney. It's not surprising they found their way to more permanent homes serving Londoners delicious small plates with a lot of big flavour. 

Margarita on the rocks with no salt

It's my opinion that if you're gonna go for Mexican food, it's weird not to have a margarita, so that's what I had, though you'll find a wide variety of drinks on the menu and several beers to choose from as well. I like my margarita on the rocks with no salt, but there are frozen ones too and you can try the passion fruit option if something a bit more fruity is what you crave. The Breddos menu starts off with a few snacking options, kind of like starters, then moves onto tacos, followed by some more substantial dishes and then dessert. It's worth ordering a few different things to try, but if you're like me and really enjoyed what you ordered first, be aware that you might want to order two of them. The portions are relatively small and if I'm honest, I found it a little pricey for the amount of food and the size of the drinks, but it was so delicious - it's worth every single penny. It's also worth mentioning that Breddos uses locally sourced ingredients, non-GMO corn and free-range poultry. 

Margarita and Queso Dip

We started with the 4 Cheese Queso Fundido with tortilla chips as we browsed the rest of the menu and it's the best cheese dip I've ever had. It's melty, gooey, flavourful and served in a small cast-iron skillet, so it stays hot while you graze. The tortilla chips are a bit too crumbly to dip in, but we found our way around that by using a fork instead. The Queso Fundido was so incredible, we ordered a second one later when the rest of the food came and we finished off both without batting an eyelid. While you absolutely could do your meal in a sections with starters followed by mains, I found it a lot more fun to just order it all together and add to our order as and when we wanted to add something else to our table. .

Chicken tacos

Originally I ordered one portion of chicken tacos and I felt like that would be enough, but while there's two of them in a portion, they're really quite small. Eventually I ordered another plate. I suppose it depends on how hungry you are and how many other things you order, but I hadn't yet eaten that day and the chicken tacos were so delicious. I was impressed with the staff being super helpful when I ordered my tacos plain. They normally come with a few toppings, but I'm a pretty picky simple eater, so plain is what I like and the Breddos team was happy to accomodate my request. I actually found that just a squirt of lime was more than enough for my taste buds - the tacos were so good they really didn't need anything else. We also ordered the Nduja Esquites, a corn dish with spicy Nduja sausage, lime and cheese that comes with tortilla chips for dipping. The Nduja Esquites was incredible and on my 2nd round of tacos, I found that it was a nice addition to a chicken taco as well.

Nduja Esquitas

With fun, festive decor, a unique menu, a fun vibe and absolutely amazing food, Breddos is a real winner for me. I can't wait to go back again soon, but to be honest I really hope they don't open one too close to my home... I'll put on a crazy amount of weight and be broke if they do. With 3 of the starters to share, two margaritas each and two taco plates each, our bill came to just about £100. £50 per person is a lot more than you'd normally spend at a taco truck, so it's a little bit of an investment, but like I said before... It was so good I'd eat it and pay it time and again, not to mention that how much you spend can vary greatly depending on how much you eat or drink. The menu varies between locations with the most extensive choice being at the Clerkenwell location. For more information, to see the menu or to book a table, visit

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