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Where to Eat & Drink in Peguera, Mallorca

Ice cream cone on the beach

Peguera is a beautiful little seaside village in Mallorca. It was the closest town to where I stayed on my recent trip, so we spent a good amount of time there. From the Maritim Hotel Galatzo where we stayed, we could walk there in about 15 minutes on a pedestrianised trail or we could take a 5 minute taxi ride for no more than €6, so it was incredibly convenient when we wanted to get away from the hotel for a few hours or try a new restaurant. Like most places we visited in Mallorca, Peguera has a very big German influence with many of the touristy shops even selling German language souvenir t-shirts. The Bulevar de Peguera is the main drag if you will and is packed with cute boutiques, restaurants and hotels. It runs parallel to the coast, which also has a fun vibe with loads of seaside eateries to choose from. Whether your preference is Spanish steak, Asian, Indian, German or Italian, there's something for everyone. We had zero recommendations for where we should eat and drink in Peguera and couldn't find too much online that seemed reliable, so I thought I would share what we ate because everything we tasted was delicious. For starters, an ice cream cone for a walk on the beach is a must!

Pizza With a View at Cafe Riva
Hawaiian Pizza

The first restaurant we ventured into in Peguera was Cafe Riva which has a storefront on the Bulevar de Peguera or can be accessed beachside by going upstairs. Since it's on the first floor (or 2nd floor if you're reading this from the USA) it offers and incredible view. There is both indoor and outdoor seating available and the menu is Italian. The pizzas looked and smelled amazing, so that's what we ordered and they were so good. For dessert there were only a couple of very simple options that aren't even listed on the menu including fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream, so that's what we had - such a treat to enjoy with a beautiful view of the beach. We experienced some slow service at Cafe Riva having to flag someone down everytime we needed something, but it wasn't a bother really... Who wants to be in a hurry with that view? As with many restaurants in Mallorca the menu is available in English, Spanish and German, but while we were dining no one on staff spoke English. Our waitress spoke fluent German with minimal Spanish, so don't be alarmed. We had no trouble communicating at all and with the menu in various languages, it was easy enough. All-in-all, lunch at Cafe Riva was an enjoyable experience and the price was right. I'd definitely go back.

Strawberries & vanilla ice cream on the beach

* Remember...
Cafe Riva is cash only, but they won't necessarily tell you before you order so make sure to bring some Euros with you. The outdoor seating offers no shade, so don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses. Also, the desserts aren't on the menu, so be sure to ask what they have and indulge - dessert was the best part of our meal!

Italian Feast at Dolce Vita

One evening we wandered into Peguera for steaks and we were reasonably shocked to find most of the restaurants closed. I think it was a Monday, but I can't quite remember. The lesson to be learned here is to research when the restaurants you want to eat in are open because some are not open 7 days a week. Dolce Vita to the rescue, an Italian restaurant on Bulevar de Peguera that doesn't really look like much but served up one of the best meals I had during my whole week in Mallorca. with a retractable cover and walls, this Italian eatery offers plenty of outdoor seating for great weather, but covers up on evenings when it's chilly or raining. They also have heaters to keep you warm when it's cool and while we were there, they were showing a big football game on a large screen television. It looks like a sports bar, but serves food like a chic European cafe. Our waiter was amazing, really nice and fluent in both Spanish and English. He was so friendly and made us feel at home. He kind of reminded me of a relaxed, super chill, old hippy and I couldn't help wondering about all the adventures he must've seen.


We started with a platter of chorizo and serano ham. It was the only time while we were in Spain that we actually saw either on the menu. I had imagined we would eat chorizo and drink Rioja the whole time we were there... As it turns out we mostly enjoyed Italian food, which is fine by me.

lambrusco wine

On a previous trip to Bologna we discovered Lambrusco, a fizzy red wine usually served cold. Lambrusco went through a period of having a bad reputation, but a few years ago we were encouraged to give it a chance and we fell in love with it. The Lambrusco at Dolce Vita was no exception and it's so refreshing to drink something chilled on a warm, Spanish evening.

tortellini with rocket

My husband ordered the tortellini and it didn't disappoint. I had the lasagna and I was pleasantly surprised to find when it arrived that it was a Calabrian-style lasagna which often features boiled egg slices and ham in the layers along with lasagna sheets, cheese and bolognese sauce. I have made this before having seen it in a Nigella Lawson cookbook so I was familiar with it and really enjoyed it, but it's worth noting that if you're dining at Dolce Vita, don't expect a regular lasagna if that's what you order. 

Dolce Vita was a fabulous restaurant and they have a big menu full of options. If you're braver than me, try the Chicken Curry Spaghetti which comes highly recommended by the staff. I'd definitely head back to Dolce Vita for a meal and I can only imagine that it's even better on a sunny day since it was raining when I went.

* Remember...
If you're visiting on a hot day, wear sunscreen. There is indoor seating, but you'll want to sit outside if the weather is nice.

German Meets Italian at Robinson's Haus

Another seaside gem, Robinson's Haus located right on the beach not far from Cafe Riva is the quaintest little place that offers many German dishes alongside pizza and the best (& biggest) Aperol Spritz I've ever had. The pizza slightly resembles a pie you'd get at an amusement park or even a frozen one, but to me it was the tastiest we had. There's nothing gourmet about it - it's not at all fancy and I imagine some people might be less than impressed. That said, the view of the beach is sensational, it's a great place to practice your German if you're trying to learn the language and it's very affordable. Also, if you're anything like me and your favourite part of a carnival or amusement park is the food, you'll probably adore the pizza as much as I did.

* Remember...
This is one of the beachside restaurants in Peguera that offers shade, so it's a good bet if you're trying to avoid too much sun exposure.

Best Bar in Peguera - Waikiki
San Miguel Beer

We didn't encounter a lot of nightlife action in Peguera, not that we were really looking for it. There are a few nightclub places scattered about and a few pub-looking establishments, many of them doubling as Wurst houses serving a sort of German fast food cuisine alongside the beer selection. Our favourite bar in Peguera is a fun little spot that's decorated in tiki bar fashion called Waikiki. Offering mostly outdoor seating, Waikiki is a fun, pub-like beach bar on Bulevar de Peguera that serves ice cold beers, cocktails and the like. The music is fun & current, the staff is friendly and the vibe is just right. It's quiet during the day and with the right seat you can see the sea in the distance. It gets a bit louder and more fun at night as you might expect. It's a fun spot for sure and well worth a visit if only for a quick drink.

* Remember...
There are a number of seats inside, but if you're sitting outside, the sunlight during the day is pretty direct so wear sunnies and plenty of SPF. Also, the seating around the perimeter is protected by a fence, but it's big enough for people on the street level to reach through so mind your bag - don't sit it on the floor by the fence or it might go missing.

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