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Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity Launches in London

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity Launches in London

An aparthotel is something I'd never really heard of before moving to London, but it's definitely one of my favourite accommodation options when I'm traveling. It's like a hotel offering certain amenities and a public entrance, but with certain features that make it more like a private apartment. An aparthotel can be the best of both worlds really and especially for long trips or budget travel, it's super convenient. Having a refrigerator, coffee station and a kitchenette in a room while you're traveling means that dining out becomes an option rather than a necessity. You can save money this way of course, but for me personally the convenience is what counts. I don't have to leave my room if I don't want to, not even to eat. I can keep my favourite drinks cold in the fridge or have coffee in my PJ's as I would do at home. If I'm traveling somewhere with exotic food, I don't have to worry about not finding something I like to eat - I can make something in my room and get by. In short, I'm a fan of the aparthotel option when I need a home away from home

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity Lobby with neon sign and elevator

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity coffee station

This spring, Staycity launched the brand new Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity - The Strand in London and it's taking aparthotels to the next level. My experience in such accommodations has usually been less than luxurious with the rooms being absolutely fine, but fairly basic. I generally expect a decent amount of space and all the necessities without much in the way of style. Wilde is changing the game on this front, offering super stylish aparthotel accommodation in the heart of London that's as Instagram-friendly as it is cozy. I had the opportunity to attend the launch and take a tour of some of the rooms at London's first Wilde by Staycity property and I was pretty impressed by what I saw.

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity bed

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity towels in trunk

Like so many hotels popping up all over London and Europe, Wilde by Staycity serves up what most would consider tiny rooms. They are quite small, but so well designed that there is a space for everything with tables folding out of the walls and hidden storage for various amenities everywhere, even under the beds. If spaciousness is what you seek, this is not the place for you, but if you are traveling to London and want a more affordable option for staying in the centre of the city, you can't go wrong camping out in one of these beautifully designed though super cozy and compact rooms. 

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity kitchenette with Smeg green appliances

kitchenette with silverware and utensils

Each room at Wilde by Staycity features Smeg Appliances, an ensuite bathroom, free wi-fi, 24-hour check-in, a TV, an in-room smartphone, a Nespresso Machine, touch panel controls for lights, air-conditioning & window blinds and towels. The beds are soft and comfy and the shower has an overhead rainfall type of shower head. There are various options to choose from when selecting a room based on bed size and the inclusion or exclusion of a kitchenette. If you're not bothered about preparing any food during your stay, a room without the kitchenette option might be for you. If you do choose a kitchenette room, it includes everything you need such as cutlery, plates, a microwave, pots & pans, a hob, cooking utensils, a fridge, a dishwasher, a small sink and a hob.

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity street view

One of my favourite things about Wilde in London is the location. You could literally walk outside the front door of the building and find yourself in the thick of it all. The rooms offer views you might not normally see from a hotel including the room pictured above with a view of the Adelphi Theatre. For anyone who likes to hit the ground running while visiting a new city, the location couldn't actually be any better. Located near The Strand, Wilde by Staycity is walking distance from 5 different tube stations and not too far from Charing Cross and Waterloo train stations, so getting around the city from home base is a snap. Furthermore, this location puts you right in the middle of the West End, walking distance from several London attractions, Covent Garden and so much more.

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity bedding and throw pillows

I didn't have the opportunity to spend a night at Wilde, so I can't comment on the full experience, but I was impressed by how quiet the rooms were despite the hustle and bustle. The window blinds block out all light, so sleeping shouldn't be an issue at all. 

microwave and dishes


I would definitely recommend Wilde by Staycity for anyone who is visiting London for a short trip, a traveller who wants to try something new & chic or anyone who's traveling on a budget alone, in a couple or with a friend. It's not what I would necessarily recommend for family travel given that the rooms are so small and they only sleep two people. You could of course stay at Wilde for a longer trip, but it's good to remember that space is limited, so you might struggle to find room for lots of luggage and clothing, etc. That said, if you are someone who travels light, doesn't mind a small room and wants a chic, comfortable place to stay in the centre of London, you can't go wrong with Wilde by Staycity. 

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