Wednesday, November 21, 2018

8 Chic Christmas Jumpers You'll Want to Wear Year After Year 🎄

Christmas is fast approaching and I find myself preoccupied with all things yuletide. I'm really excited for the holidays this year, more than usual and it feels good. The glitter, the sparkles, the decorations, the cheesy movies, the indulgent food, mulled wine and of course Christmas music. I can't get enough! One thing I'm rarely in the mood for is a Christmas jumper. I'm too practical for that. They seem cheesy and you can only wear them for like a month a year, so they take up valuable real estate in my closet for very little return, but this season I've found a fair few options that are so chic they shouldn't be ignored and they'll be cute year after year. Which one is your favourite?


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