Friday, November 2, 2018

Beauty Update - Combatting Dry Skin and Chapped Lips This Autumn

Superdrug Tea Tree Oil Nourishing Foot Pack, MasqueBar Pure Gold, Optiat The Hungover Potent Peppermint Coffee Scrub, Lotil Cream, Lotil Foot Cream, Lotil Lip Balm and Lypsyl Mirror Compact Lip Balms

It's getting cooler which means a few things for our beauty routines: it's harder to wake up in the morning and cold winds combined with heaters will cause dry skin and chapped lips. I've added a few new products to my routine recently that are absolutely perfect for the colder months. From top to toe, I'm relying on the following products to keep my skin hydrated, my feet smooth and my lips kissable as the cold creeps in!

Lotil Cream Products

1. Lotil Cream for Dry Skin
Lotil Cream isn't new, but it's new to me and I'm not sure what I ever did without it. The original cream is a daily moisturising hero. I love using it after a shower all over, but particularly on extra dry parts such as my knees and elbows. The smaller sized tubes are great to keep on your desk in lieu of hand cream, but it also comes in a 114ml multi-purpose home use tub or the 500ml extra large container with a pump dispenser should you be buying it for the whole family to use. The lip balm provides not only moisture, but also SPF 30 which I love. I rarely use a lip balm that doesn't have sunscreen. While both of these products are incredible, I must say my favourite is the Lotil Cream Seriously Good Foot Care. Between lots of dancing, the never-ending walking of city life and having eczema on my feet, to say my dogs are barking is sometimes an understatement. The Lotil Cream Seriously Good Foot Care is just what it says on the tub... SERIOUSLY GOOD. The foot cream has a smooth, whipped texture, an almondy scent that's lovely and it's soothing to pretty much whatever your feet are feeling. All of the creams have a slightly medicated scent, but they don't smell bad at all - in fact I think they smell good. Lotil claims to calm inflamed, irritated and itchy skin and I must admit, I've found this to be true. I would recommend that anyone who has a dry skin condition at least give it a try as it might be helpful for you too, but even if you don't suffer from something like psoriasis or eczema, you'll still enjoy all the benefits of these amazing creams and lip balm. Visit for more information.

Superdrug Tea Tree & Peppermint Nourishing Foot Pack

2. Superdrug Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Nourishing Sock Pack
One day after a tough few hours of dance lessons and practice I picked up a Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Nourishing Sock Pack as a treat to my tired, aching feet. It was super cheap and I thought it might be something soothing to do while I watched a bit of telly. I feel in love with these sock packs and I probably use at least one a week. You may not dance several hours a week like I do, but we all have tired feet from standing all day, walking a lot or wearing those high heeled boots that are so cute they're worth the pain. The cooling, tingling sensation from this foot pack will have your feet feeling brand new in no time while also moisturising them with Vitamin E.

Lypsyl Mirror Compacts

3. Lypsyl Mirror Compacts for Soft Lips
I love lip balm in Autumn & Winter because when it comes to chapped lips, the struggle is real. What's great about the Lypsyl Mirror Compacts besides the fact that the products are great is pretty obvious... They have a mirror. So fear not if you want to wear lip balm over your lipstick - you can apply these without worrying about getting your lip colour all over your face. I also love that you can just pop one of these little compacts into your pocket if you're out on the go without a bag. Convenience is always a good idea! The compacts are availabe in Original, Zingy Mandarin, Luxurious Vanilla and Fresh Orange Blossom, so pick your favourite and enjoy having smooth lips this Autumn.

MasqueBar Pure Gold Under Eye Patches

4. MasqueBAR Pure Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask
When my eyes are looking a bit tired from a busy week, lack of sleep or a dreaded case of the common cold, I love the MasqueBAR Pure Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask patches for a bit of a boost. These little strips contain hydrolized collagen and coconut extract aim to aid in improving the skin's elasticity while hydrating. Instant boost!

Optiat Potent Peppermint The Hungover Coffee Scrub

5. Optiat The Hungover Coffee Scrub in Potent Peppermint
There are so many great things to say about this product. Firstly, it's called The Hungover Coffee Scrub for a reason - it's great the morning after a big night out or even if you're not hungover it's perfect for waking up on cold, dark mornings. The peppermint really perks you up while reviving the skin at the same time. The scrub is made from recycled Arabica coffee grounds and we all know exfoliation is good for our skin, especially when it's a little dry. I love the fresh peppermint scent, the tingling and the way my skin feels after I use it. Hours later I swear I can still feel the tingles and my skin feels smooth and moisturised. I found this at the grocery store and I can't wait to try the other products by Optiat!

What new products have you added to your beauty routine this season?

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