Friday, December 7, 2018

Fun Socks to Wear With Cropped or Rolled-up Jeans

rolled up skinny jeans, royal blue socks, black brogues in front of a brick wall

I am not the kind of person who owns 100 pairs of jeans in every style. Even though I probably wear jeans more often than a lot of people, I'm just not that interested in them and I hate shopping for them, so I buy the same style all the time in various colours and washes because I know they'll fit me well, but if I'm honest... Sometimes I get bored with them. I love to roll up my jeans and wear them with cute shoes and lately because it's super cold outside, I love doing the same with a fun pair of sheer socks. It breaks up the boredom and I finally have a way to wear all the cute ankle socks I've been collecting over the years.

Here are some of the fun socks I have my eye on for wearing with jeans this season... 


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