Tuesday, January 8, 2019

10 New Things I Want to Try in 2019

I'm not one for resolutions, but I do like to make lists of things to consider in the coming year. There are a few new things I've put off trying for years because I just haven't remembered or had time, but I'm a firm believer that if you write it down you have a better chance of doing it. So here's my accountability list of new things I want to try in 2019... It will be interesting to see how many of them I actually accomplish before 2020.

1. A rock wall climb
I've always wanted to try climbing a rock wall and have just never managed to actually do it. Perhaps 2019 will be the year I finally tick this one off my bucket list.

2. A ropes course
I actually tried a rope course in 2018 and failed out of fear. I just couldn't move, but this year I'm determined to face my fear and give it another go. Click here to read about my first experience.

3. Make homemade pizza
About 5 years ago I bought a pizza stone with the very strong intention of making delicious homemade pizzas all the time. I attempted the dough just once and failed, so the pizza stone has never actually seen the light of day. I'm determined to change that this year.

4. Reformer pilates
I've always wanted to try reformer pilates for strength, core work and flexibility. I look forward to giving it a go sometime in 2019. I've already found a place to go and an instructor - I just need to commit to doing it.

5. Poker
I've never in my life played poker. Can you believe that?

6. Brown hair
I have wanted to try brown hair since I was a little girl, but I've never been brave enough. I've had red hair a few times, but 2019 is the year when I go brunette, at least for a time... I couldn't be more excited about it and I've actually already started on this one... Three days after Christmas I took the plunge, but it's very likely I'll be going even darker in the coming months.

7. Take a make-up class
I love make-up and I'm really keen to learn how to do it properly. A class seems like a fun way to meet some people too while learning about something really fun and useful.

8. Learn to sew
I've sewn before, but I've never properly learned. I'm toying with the idea of buying a sewing machine because I'm really keen to learn how to make dresses. I watched my mom do it for years and I've also worked in a costume shop, so I understand some of the basics... I just need to get a machine and start. Maybe some day I'll actually be able to make something useful.

9. Stay in a hostel
I've never stayed in a hostel before and part of me thinks if I don't do it sometime I'll regret it. It seems like a right of passage and I really want to see what it's like.

10. Regular massages
I've only had two massages in my life - seriously. I usually find that I don't like them all that much, but I think I need them because they're good for you, but also because I have a lot of tightness from all the physical activity I do. It's my goal to have at least 4 massages this year or maybe more, but we'll see how the first one goes.

What are your goals for 2019?

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