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AD | Steak & Burgers on a Dime at Roadkill in Camden Market

Roadkill in Camden Market

Gifted Meal courtesy of Roadkill: All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by Roadkill or any affiliated parties. I was under no contractual obligation to produce this blog blog post. 

I love steak, especially really good steak, so it wasn't a hard sell when I was offered the opportunity to try out the new street food stand at Camden Market serving up a beefy menu that looked nothing short of impressive. Located in The North Yard of Camden Market, just past the famed Amy Winehouse sculpture, Roadkill is a brand new stand that's offering incredible cuts of meat with unique flavours at a small fraction of the price you would pay at a trendy London restaurant. I went in early February, so admittedly it was cold, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth it!

35-Day Aged steak on crunchy spicy slaw with loaded BBQ fries

From the moment I smelled what was cooking in this small market stall, I knew I would love it. I'm a meat & potatoes girl through and through, so the menu for this independent butcher & grill which features only 4 mains, a few extras, a few sides and a selection of sodas to wet your whistle really appealed to me. With prices ranging from £10 to £12.50 for the main dishes, all of which come with either fries or salad, Roadkill offers a delicious experience for meat lovers who don't want to break the bank to feed their foodie habits.

One of the benefits of being a blogger is that I often get to have chats with the people behind the counter rather than just ordering my food, eating it and leaving without the backstory. I was immediately taken by Roadkill owners Jamie and Matt who are really passionate about their business, the way it operates and the food they're preparing. Their enthusiasm was contagious and I found myself wanting to know more about what they were doing, why they were doing it, future plans, past experiences and what I was about to eat. It was immediately clear to me that they are determined to use the best of what's available, trying to keep it as local as possible and sustainability is a major priority for them. The pork used at Roadkill is sourced from Dingley Dell Farm which isn't just well-known for stocking some of the most high-end, in-demand restaurants in London, but is also doing their part for sustainability by dedicating a portion of their land to help sustain the dwindling bee population rather than using it for profitable farming. I must say, I really admire that... As I was chatting with Jamie and Matt, I learned that everything that can be used at Roadkill is taken advantage of, from using beef scraps to make the Loaded BBQ Beef Dripping Fries to boiling the bones to make stock for the sauces. They make as much in-house as they can and it really shows in the unique flavours of the dishes. We had some interesting chats about nose-to-tail cooking, books by famous chefs, foodie television shows and we traded recommendations for restaurants and other street food vendors we loved. It's always a treat to speak with people who are excited about what they do - it's especially fun when what they do is food. This passion really shows in their work because Roadkill has gone above and beyond just slinging burgers and steaks - it's a well-oiled machine and a thoughtful operation, not to mention a tasty one at that!

burger, steaks and loaded fries

In order to try as much of what's on offer as possible, my husband and I were presented with a hefty platter which included the Bacon Cheeseburger, 35-Day Dry Aged Steaks, Slaw and Loaded BBQ Beef Dripping Fries with one of my favourites on the side, a can of cream soda. It was a serious case of 'girl vs food' and I was not the winner, but I didn't go down without a fight and it was so delicious that I practically waddled home. My favourite was the Loaded BBQ Beef Dripping Fries which feature beef that's slow roasted for 5 hours coated in Roadkill's own BBQ sauce on top of Beef Dripping Fries. It was explained to us that the fries are sprinkled with a salt & vinegar powder to give them a unique flavour and if I'm honest, I really don't like anything vinegar, so on their own they weren't my favourite. That said, if you're a salt & vinegar loving person, you'd probably love them on their own. Alongside the BBQ sauce, the flavours really complemented each other beautifully, so as part of the loaded fries dish, I loved them. After all, most BBQ sauces contain some amount of vinegar in them as an ingredient, so it makes sense that the pairing would work well together. I think there was a cheese sauce on the fries as well and the whole combo was indulgently delightful. I couldn't stop shoving it in my mouth. I also really loved the steak. It was great quality meat, cooked to a perfectly pink medium-rare and so tasty, however because it was so cold outside, it didn't stay warm as long as the other dishes, so if you decide to order the steak (and for just £12.50 why wouldn't you?) then don't dilly dally too long taking photos like I did. Dive in and enjoy so it stays hot for as long as it lasts.

bacon cheeseburger

My husband also attended this review opportunity and his favourite was the burger. In my experience, it's fairly unusual to find a place in London that will serve up a medium-rare burger, but it's how we both prefer them and on this front, Roadkill delivers. The homemade pickled onion and treacle cured bacon really sealed the deal for my hungry fella and he remarked more than once that he'd like to go back there for a burger again sometime soon. The only thing on the platter that we didn't really love was the slaw. Unlike most slaw which is made with cabbage, Roadkill makes this traditional side dish using sprouts, another vegetable that's available year-round. It's a spicy, crunchy slaw and has a very strong flavour. I wouldn't let our opinions keep you from trying it if you love sprouts or consider yourself a foodie... We're not really slaw people - not everyone is - so it's not surprising that we didn't love it. Click here to view the full menu.

old fashioned sodas

All in all, Roadkill really impressed me. It's yet another wonderful addition to the street food offering here in London. With bricks and mortar restaurants becoming increasingly expensive these days, it's great to know that you can go beyond the usual hot dog, taco, pizza and cheeseburger offering on the street and I'm so happy to see entrepreneurs embracing this opportunity to make dining out more accessible to a wider range of budgets. Roadkill takes this idea to a whole new level and it's refreshing. There are picnic tables just outside the Roadkill stall, so you can sit down and enjoy your meal and if you've never been to Camden or Camden Market to explore, let this be your excuse. It's a fun place to explore. You can have a delicious, hearty, filling meal and still have the budget to enjoy a pint or two at any number of the super cool pubs in the area. Don't let the weather keep you away... Just order the burger and the loaded fries... Comfort food is even better when you're a little bit chilly!

Roadkill is located in the North Yard of Camden Market, which is easily accessible by public transportation if you take the tube to Camden Town or Chalk Farm. Alternatively you can take the London Overground to Camden Road. Roadkill also offers bespoke catering services - click here to read more about Roadkill Events. For more information, visit or click here to check out Roadkill on Instagram to find out about special events, masterclasses and specials they sometimes have that aren't on the menu. 

* Special thanks to Roadkill for gifting the meal for this review. While the food was complimentary, this review is in no way influenced by Roadkill or any other parties. 

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