Monday, March 18, 2019

AD | Monday Blues

* This post includes gifted items & affiliate links. *

In 2012 I went through a major tights phase... I was buying more tights than I could actually wear in various colours and prints. I even went on a holiday to Paris at that time and came back with nothing to show for my hours of shopping but a bag full of tights. To say I was obsessed would be an understatement - I just couldn't get enough and they made my mostly black at the time winter wardrobe so much more fun. Over time this faded and I found myself throwing most of them out, choosing jeans more often instead of skirts and dresses, but since the colourful tights trend has made a comeback, I've been excited about all the options fun legwear can create for one's wardrobe. These blue ones by Gipsy in Sapphire are right up my alley and they're so comfy to wear! Because they're 100 denier, they're super soft, really opaque and the colour really pops. At just £8.50 (available from Modshoes), they've given some affordable new life to some of the pieces in my wardrobe. I snagged these in a few other colours too and I can't wait to try them as well. Click here to see all the other colours & unique prints and grab a few pairs for yourself!

100 denier blue tights

royal blue sweater and tights, black leather fringe skirt, blue leather clutch, black biker boots

Tights: Gipsy (gifted by Modshoes) / Jumper: Boohoo / Skirt: Stella Nova (old)
Boots: Clarks / Sunglasses: Maui Jim (gifted) / Clutch: Aurora London (gifted)

Special thanks to Modshoes for collaborating on this post. While the tights were gifted, all opinions and views are strictly my own and in no way influenced by Modshoes or any affiliated parties of the brand.

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