Friday, April 26, 2019

Accessorise Your Mane - Cute Hair Accessories to Buy Now for Spring & Summer

Leopard print headscarf, red heart shaped sunglasses and red pom pom earrings
ASOS Twist Block Headscarf in Leopard Print - £10
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It seems hair accessories all but disappeared for a few decades except for cases of formal wear, festival season and weddings, but they are back in full swing from boho headscarves to baby barettes and even dare I say it? SCRUNCHIES! I for one am quite happy to have that extra option for accessorising my daily look and noting helps a bad hair day more than something to cover it up. It's just quite simply another way to have fun with your look and another option for days when you look in the mirror and think to yourself... "I feel like this outfit is missing something." 

Because of my hair length and style, I'm personally partial to a cute headscarf at the moment, but there are so many fun options to explore. When my hair gets a bit longer and more suitable to a ponytail, I can't wait to buy some cute ribbons, scrunchies and metallic pony wraps. If you're hair is short or you like to wear it in low slung bun, baby barettes down the side are fun or grab an embellished headband or fascinator for an extra look. 

Hair accessories are so widely available now that you can find what you're looking for at a price point to suit pretty much any budget. Choose something colourful and bold, opt for a fun and versatile print or enjoy wearing something that's simply chic in a neutral that you can get a lot of use out of. My favourites tend to be pearls, bright colours and neutral prints like leopard, but there are so many choices and it's even a fun way to embrace a new trend like the current neon explosion or 90's Versace-inspired scarf prints you might not want to wear from head to toe. Whatever you choose, don't forget the two most important things... Have fun with it and be confident in your choice. Fun and confidence are always the best accessories!

These are my picks at a variety of price points for the best hair accessories to grab for Spring & Summer this season. Just click the photo to shop and enjoy!


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