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AD | Meet Your New Favourite Tights - Snag, the Brand That's Ruling the Size Inclusive Tights Game

Turquoise tights, black dress
80 Denier Tights in Beach Bum
* This post contains tights gifted by Snag *

Whether you're short, tall, big, small, long-legged, high-waisted, short-waisted, blessed with a killer booty or not at all gifted with junk in the trunk, allow me to introduce to the tights that are going to change your leg wear game for good! Snag is a brand of tights that aims to be the ultimate in size inclusion from the super tiny to the plus sized and everything in between. It's about damn time... Am I right?

Orange tights with black sweat dress
80 Denier Tights in Shepherd's Delight
Tights are a funny thing when it comes to fit and I've found over the years that finding the right ones with the right fit can be tricky, not to mention frustrating. I'm pretty tall at 5'8" or thereabouts. I have a long torso, so my legs aren't super long, but you'd be surprised how many times I've bought tights that just aren't long enough. I'm also long waisted and it's pretty annoying to find a pair of tights that won't quite pull up high enough, creating a seriously unflattering muffin top scenario and putting me to work at tugging on them every two minutes. Neither are good enough for me. I generally fit a medium in most things, so it's bizarre that I sometimes buy the largest size of tights and they still don't fit in one way or another... Similarly, it's also disappointing when you follow the size chart or pre-emptively just buy a larger size because of previous experience only to find that some brands are actually more true to size. How are you supposed to know? It's not like you can try them on... It's a never-ending battle that can be costly as you try to sift through brands and sizes until you finally find what works, especially if you decide to splurge on some high-end brands that can cost upwards of £30 per pair. I recently bought a pair from a popular high street shop and was disappointed when I had to tug them up so much that I stuck my finger right through them on the first wear. Likewise I've heard other friends say there aren't tights small enough for them. Yes, it's true... Size inclusion isn't just an issue for plus sizes - sometimes it's a massive issue for the super tiny or even the buck standard medium.

black tights with orange skirt
80 Denier Tights in Black
Snag aims to make cute tights that fit absolutely everyone. Designed by women for women, Snag is changing the hosiery game for the better for all us girls no matter what our body types without breaking the bank. Ya, you heard me right... These tights are super affordable and no, it's not too good to be true! Keep reading...

I had the opportunity to try a few pairs of Snag Tights and I must say, I'm extremely impressed with the quality, especially at the low price point of £6.99 per pair. The fabric is lush, there's plenty of stretch and the opaque colours are vibrant. There's none of that horrible fibrous look that cheap tights sometimes have - just lush, colourful fabric that's super flattering and looks expensive, but isn't. Fit-wise, these tights are magic. To be honest, I think I could've sized down, but they're so well made that I could still get away with the size I requested without any bunching or wrinkling and they literally don't budge. Without feeling tight at all, Snag Tights snuggly hug my figure, but don't fall down and don't give me any unflattering lines underneath my clothes. They're about as close to perfection as possible and they're super comfortable.

teal tights close up
80 Denier Tights in Beach Bum
I chose basic black, a turquoise colour appropriately called Beach Bum and Shepherd's Delight, which is a vibrant reddish-orange. I am usually a dress size 12 or 14 and just a tad taller than 5'8", so I decided to go for Size E, which fits a 12-14 at 5'9". I decided to round up because I'm so used to tights not being long enough and even when I was younger and at my thinnest, I always bought large or extra large for my height. I should've in hindsight erred on the conservative side and when I wear Snag Tights in the future, I'll go for size D. I could potentially even do a C because of how these tights are sized and here's why...

Rather than having a one size fits all philosophy and only sizing up or down based on height, Snag takes another region of the body into account - bums & tums. You can choose your tights based on height and dress size which will leave you with two options. For me, this would be D & C. The difference between these two sizes depends on your midsection. If you are curvy with a prominent bum and/or tummy, you choose the first one. If you have a tighter tummy and/or you have a flatter bottom, you can choose the second one. Here's where it gets a bit tricky for me... I don't think I really have a prominent tummy, but it's definitely not tight and flat (not yet anyway), but I don't have any junk in the trunk either. I would say this is a case of try it and see. I chose the larger size and I'm not unhappy with it... I think with tights, it's usually better to size up if you're not sure to avoid unflattering lines under more form-fitting garments. 

snag tights in shepherd's delight close up
80 Denier Tights in Shepherd's Delight
Another thing I love about Snag Tights is the variety of what's available. They have so many fun colours, a couple of patterns and all the basics like black, navy and grey available. A few months ago, I was struggling to find tights available online in colours that I really like. I'm not saying they weren't out there, but wherever they were - I couldn't find them and if they were made by brands I'm not familiar with, the fit issue could've been a problem. In addition, Snag also offers a newer product called Chub Rub Shorts for wearing underneath dresses in the summer when the thigh rubbing struggle is very real for anyone who doesn't have the thigh gap gene.

80 Denier Tights in Black
In this era of the size exclusion epidemic, I'm really happy to see and support a brand like Snag. Lately I've been following Katie Sturino on Instagram as she pulls back the dressing room curtain and exposes the brands propagating size discrepancies and committing size discrimination with her #makemysize posts. It's shocking and disappointing on so many levels how many brands don't offer a wide range of sizes. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I can't tell you how many times people have emailed me, asked me in person or commented on something with questions similar to, "Where can I get clothing for my specific size requirements and body type?" These people have usually been grown women who ring in super small on the size scale, struggling to find anything that fits them outside the children's department. The days of one size fits all, cookie cutter expectations of women are on their way out and Snag is here for it. As I saw recently on an Instagram post, "Every body is a beach body." With a brand like Snag, every body is a tights body too and these are brands we should all be celebrating and supporting. Style isn't just for the tall and thin - it's for everyone and even if you're a sample size, we all have things we struggle to find or something about our bodies we struggle with occasionally. Let's celebrate that now something as simple as buying a pair of tights that fit well and look great can be enjoyable and easy for everyone.

Snag Tights are available in 80 Denier Opaque (as seen in photos), 50 Denier and 25 Denier Sheers. They also offer fishnets, patterned styles and the 80 Denier Chub Rub Shorts, all under £10. For more information or to shop, visit

*Special thanks to Snag for partnering on this post through gifting the tights pictured above. While all the tights in this post were gifted, all views are strictly my own and in no way influenced by Snag or any affiliated parties.

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