Sunday, May 19, 2019

Influenced - How I Was Talked Into A Dress That Would Become My Favourite by a Fellow Instagrammer

White broderie dress
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I don't think I've ever bought a white dress before in my life aside from my wedding gown until now. If I'm honest, I steer clear of white as much as possible because I know I'll sit in something, spill something or find some other way to ruin it... I'm just not one of those girls who can wear all white and not look like a mess, not to mention that I've never considered white to be the most flattering colour so I've avoided crisp white sun dresses every summer for as long as I can remember. This year however I was enlightened through a bit of Instagram wisdom when someone I follow touted the virtues of the white summer dress and how it makes you look more tanned. My mind was blown. Why had I not thought about it that way before. I immediately ordered a flouncy frock on ASOS that I had my eye on before, but never put into my cart because I was afraid I'd spill something on it as soon as I put it on. Fast forward a few days later - this is my new favourite dress and not just because of the tan factor (and I'm not even sure if that works - I'm wearing sunless tanner by the bucket load in this photo)... I love that it's flouncy, how easy it is to wear, I'm excited by the styling potential and I adore the broderie & pom pom details. This is the kind of frock that makes getting dressed in the morning exciting and it's only £35, so if I do spill something, get splashed by a passing car, fall into a mud puddle or sit in gum, it's not the end of the world... But, since I love it so much, I also bought a stain stick just in case. I can embrace a new colour, but I still know myself. This dress is one spaghetti dinner away from a landfill or fabric recycling bin and I know it every single time I put it on. Until then, I'll be bouncing around in this flouncy little number for as long as I can keep it white this summer, hoping that it's not just fun to wear but that it also makes me look more tan like the girl on Instagram. I wish I could remember who said that so I could go thank her... She talked me into my favourite purchase this year so far. And they say Instagram makes people miserable... 

white beach dress

white dress, red shoes, red heart sunglasses

flouncy white dress with pom poms

Dress: ASOS / Earrings: Accessorize / Sunglasses: Glamorous / Shoes: River Island (old


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