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AD | My Summer Beauty Checklist

My Summer Beauty Checklist
* This post contains gifted items & affiliate marketing links.

1. Tan
Getting the perfect summer tan can be done anywhere, anytime without subjecting yourself to harmful skin damage. These days there are so many great products on the market, but my favourites are by Skinny Tan. From gradual tanners to quickly developing options, Skinny Tan has so many great products available that you're sure to find one that suits you. For summer I'm loving Skinny Tan Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse [gifted]. It takes just 60 minutes to develop a light glow if you're in a hurry, but can be left on overnight for a deep, dark tan, so it's pretty easy to use and flexible in terms of developing time, which comes in handy when you don't want to miss a moment of summer fun in the sun!

2. Shimmer
I've seen lots of really expensive glow oils & lotions here, there and everywhere lately... I don't know about you, but I'm not really prepared to spend £60 or more for a small bottle of lotion or oil that needs to be used all over my entire body. It won't last very long and it seems a bit extravagant for me personally. I found Solait Shimmer Oil at Superdrug for a bargain, decided to give it a try and immediately fell in love with it. It's affordable, suitable for body and face, gives me a great shimmer, feels good on my skin and smells really nice.

4. Glow
If I'm after a bit more glow than shimmer or if I don't want the oily finish of a shimmer oil, I use Solait Glow Lotion, also from Superdrug. This lotion is a lovely product that uses light reflective pigments to illuminate the body and/or face. It's like an all-over highlighter to give your summer tan or skin a bit more glow. I love this product and have been using it quite often, whether I apply it all over or just smooth a little bit on my shoulders and d├ęcolletage to highlight those areas when I'm wearing a sleeveless top. Solait Glow Lotion doesn't appear to be online, but I found it in-store at my local Superdrug.

1. Clean
Applying self-tanner can take up a bit of your time, so making it last as long as possible is ideal. Skinny Tan recently launched a Cleansing Moisture Wash [gifted] which nourishes and protects the life of your tan. It smells pretty amazing too!

2. Moisturise
Also new from Skinny Tan are the Moisture Hit Body Lotion [gifted] and the Melting Moisture Body Balm [gifted], both of which can be applied daily to moisturise and protect the life of your tan. Both products smell lovely, feel great on the skin, are Vegan-friendly and are cruelty-free. The Moisture Hit Body Lotion can actually be used on extra dry areas prior to applying sunless tanner on dry areas like knees, ankles and elbows. Either product is great, but I really enjoy using both.

3. Tone
I'm always a little bit self-conscious about my arms and even though I feel so much better about them since I started dancing and working out, I'm always of the opinion that I'll take any help I can get. Nip+Fab Body Upper Arm Fix to the rescue! If I'm completely honest, I don't know if this works or not yet, but sometimes it's making the effort that makes us feel better and more confident. This gel is applied in circular motions to the upper arm until fully absorbed and aims to stimulate circulation, promote the breakdown of fats and increase the smoothness of the skin in that area. The product contains blue lotus flower to improve tonicity, active caffeine which promotes elasticity and cactus extract to re-texturise and exfoliate. I also use Nip+Fab Bust Fix and Bust Fix Night, which you can read all about by clicking here.

4. Protect
I don't think I need to say much here. Sunscreen is important, both for health reasons and to prevent premature ageing, not to mention painful sunburns and skin damage. Wear it! I've tried so many and my current favourite is Garnier Ambre Soleil Clear Protect SPF 30, a spray that's easy to use, clear and isn't sticky. I usually pick this up at the grocery store, so it's easy to find and it's small enough to tuck into most handbags, so no excuses.

5. Footcare
When sandals weather is upon us, having our feet in the best shape possible is key. My favourite is Lotil Cream Seriously Good Foot Care [gifted], which I use pretty much all year long, but I make an extra effort during the Spring & Summer months. It smells good, it feels good and it really moisturises dry feet. I have eczema on my feet and I find this cream invaluable for calming it down, so I pretty much use it every day.

1. Protect
The sun can fade coloured hair, so if you dye your hair like I do, protection during prolonged sun exposure can be important for keeping your colour fresh. Likewise, UV rays, chlorine and salt water can damage your hair, so it's important to protect it if you value healthy locks. For this I love Philip Kingsley Sun Shield UV Defence [gifted by Philip Kingsley], which can simply be sprayed onto damp hair before blow drying or left in while air drying naturally.

2. After-sun 
It's pretty easy to burn your scalp if you're in the sun for a long time without a hat... We've all done it, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Luckily Philip Kingsley has the solution for this with the After-Sun Scalp Mask [gifted by Philip Kingsley] which uses Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract to moisturise and calm the scalp after a sunburn, but also anytime it's dry or irritated.

3. Waves
I love beachy waves, even when I'm nowhere near the sea... I pretty much love them any old time, but especially during the summer when I have a more no-fuss approach to my hair and beauty routine. A sea salt spray is the best thing to have on hand for this... Whether I just spritz it onto dry hair for a wavy refresher, spray it directly on wet hair before letting it dry naturally or using it to get a more piecey, wet look on heat style curls or waves, I pretty much can't live without a sea salt spray. I've tried so many sea salt sprays over the years and while there are definitely more high-end ones out there that are great, I find that L'Oreal Stylista The Beach Wave Mist is just as good with a much friendlier price tag.

4. Smooth
Easy waves are great, but sometimes I want a more sleek and chic look in the summer, despite fighting against naturally wavy hair, heat, humidity and other frizz factors. This is where Phyto Paris Botanical Straightening Balm [gifted by Phyto] comes in handy. It's helps to get hair stick straight while protecting it from heat damage at the same time. I do love a multi-tasking hero product! I love this balm because it's so easy to use. I simply distribute a dab evenly throughout my hair, comb and blow dry. It's not sticky or greasy, but it works and helps my hair stay smooth and frizz-free, no matter what the weather!

1. BB Cream
Throughout the year I alternate regularly between BB Cream and heavy foundation, pretty much saving the latter for special occasions or heavier makeup looks. In the summer, I'm strictly a BB Cream or tinted moisturiser girl. My favourite is quite the bargain, but I've been consistently using it for years and it never lets me down. GOSH Cosmetics BB Cream All in One combines foundation, primer and moisturiser alongside SPF 15. It's literally and swipe and go kind of product and I love how quick and easy it is for no-fuss days, but I also find that I can apply this with a beauty blender sponge for a heavier application and even layer it for more coverage if needed. PS - it's only £9.99 and often 3 for 2 at Superdrug, so it's a mega bargain! It also comes in three shades online. I tend to buy a lighter shade and mix it with a liquid bronzer when I want it to be a little darker.

2.  Face Tan
The Skinny Tan Face 2in1 Overnight Tan & Hydrate Mask [gifted by Skinny Tan] is my go-to for getting a perfectly bronzed glow on my face. This fabulous mask has a menthol-like cooling effect so it's great to apply on hot, summer nights. Simply apply, sleep and wake up with a gorgeous glow! Alternatively, if I use Skinny Tan Wonder Serum [gifted by Skinny Tan] for my overall tan, I'll use that on my face as well.

3. Bronze
I always wear bronzer, especially since I dyed my hair dark, but in the summer I love to mix a drop or two of Benefit Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer in with my BB Cream for a darker, glowing coverage when I want to look super tan. Otherwise, a swipe of this on my cheeks and t-zone will also work just fine on days when I don't want a full-on makeup look, but would like a bit of bronzed glow.

4. Highlight
I tend to get a little heavier with my highlighter when the sun comes out and my all-time favourite is by Revolution. It's affordable, effective and to be honest, I can't live without. I always lightly swipe this on my cheekbones, nose, temples & forehead, but in the summer I might dust a little on my shoulders and chest too just for kicks.

5. Gloss
Hot weather makes lipstick a bit of a melty nightmare, so I have a tendency to stick with lip balms or glosses whenever possible. Nobody looks pretty with red lipstick melting down their chin. I just discovered NYX Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish and I love it! It's a cheaper alternative to one of my other faves, Buxom Plumping Lip Polish Gloss.

6. Protect
While I usually wear SPF 30 on my body, when it comes to my face, I don't mess around. Many of the moisturisers have SPF as does my preferred BB cream, but I've read conflicting arguments about whether that's enough or not, so better safe than sorry. My favourite is Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced SPF 50. It's hypoallergenic, non-greasy, perfume-free and water resistant as well as suitable for fair, sensitive skin.

What's on your Summer beauty checklist?

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