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Cork Coffee Roasters

Cork Coffee Roasters

No matter where I may roam, I'm always on the lookout for a great cup of coffee. I also love coffee shops when I travel - I feel like they put you right in the action of a city, surrounded by locals where you can really get a sense of the vibe from people who are living that life day-to-day, going through their normal routine. I've been to Cork City, Ireland quite a lot since it's my husband's hometown, but somehow I never managed to hear about Cork Coffee Roasters until my most recent trip.

With two locations in the heart of Cork City, this charming little coffee shop is a fun place to grab a cuppa Joe and a snack, but for locals it's obviously an important part of their daily grind (pun intended). The decor is kitschy, vintage and coffee-themed, but the vibe is modern and busy. Cork Coffee Roasters is cafe culture at its finest, right in the middle of the action in Cork with some people coming in to grab a to-go brew to take to the office while others are chatting with friends, having meetings or quietly tapping away at their laptops.

We ducked into the Cork Coffee Roasters on Bridge Street by accident to dodge the downpour that seemed to come out of nowhere and what a lovely surprise it was. Vintage coffee machines and paraphernalia makes up the charming decor. In terms of offering, it's pretty straightforward... The usual suspects are on the coffee menu, however they're a bit more unique since Cork Coffee Roasters makes all their own coffee right there in Ireland. In addition, there are a number of cakes and bakes on display, many of them gluten-free. 

gluten-free brownie

I had a skinny latte and my husband opted for the cappuccino. Both were delicious and mine was one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. I'm not much of a coffee snob really - I'll drink just about anything, but I know good coffee when I taste it and this was it! We also grabbed a gluten-free brownie to split and it was so deliciously gooey that we ended up splitting a second one. I had every intention of going back for another one before I left, but as is often the case on holidays, we quite simply ran out of time...

True coffee lovers will be happy to see that all of the coffees served on the premises are available to buy and take home. One of the available coffees is the Rebel Espresso Blend, appropriately named after its home since Cork is known as the Rebel County. All of the coffees at Cork Coffee Roasters is made from only high grown, Arabica green beans and there's even a decaf option available.

Cork Coffee Roasters specialises in small-batch coffee roasting with the focus on the finished product, i.e. what you taste when it lands in your cup. The coffee is made on traditional machines, a cast iron coffee roaster from the 1930's to be exact, using methods that have been tried and tested for generations. With over 20 years of experience, the couple behind Cork Coffee Roasters has been mentored by independent coffee roasters in the Pacific Northwest and it really shows... They're producing quality brew that's keeping the fine people of Cork nicely caffeinated, not to mention all the people who are buying their product in stores or online nationwide and beyond.

coffee and brownie

You'll find Cork Coffee Roasters on Bridge Street which opened in 2008 and their second location on French Church Street in Cork's Huguenot Quarter which opened in 2015. It's also worth noting that Cork Coffee Roasters won the Bridgestone Award 8 years in a row. For more information or to buy some coffee for yourself, visit

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