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How an iPhone App Helped Me Find the Perfect Workout Routine For Me

How an iPhone App Helped Me Find the Perfect Workout Routine For Me

You may have recently read about how I quit the gym. If you missed that post, click here to read it. Once I gave up my membership for good, I needed something to replace it and I looked to something I'd considered for years... Classpass. Many of my friends had touted the virtues of Classpass for ages, but it took me a while to finally join and I'm so glad I finally did. Before I get into the nitty gritty, I just want to say that this post is not at all sponsored and that I have no affiliation with Classpass other than being a paying customer.


Classpass is a subscription app for fitness classes. You simply choose a plan with a number of credits that you can use like a currency and pay the monthly fee for that plan. As with anything, the more credits you subscribe to every month, the cheaper they get. Each class is priced with a number of credits instead of a monetary value and they aren't all the same. If you want to figure out how much a class is costing you, simply divide the monthly fee for your plan by the number of credits it gives you and that's how much you pay per credit. Then multiply that number by the number of credits a class costs and that's how much you're paying for it. To book, you simply use your credits balance to reserve the classes you want to take in the upcoming week at a wide variety of studios and gyms in your city. If you run out of credits you can top them up, but they're a tiny bit more expensive that way. That said, I have found this feature to be such a convenience. You can just buy one credit if you need it for that last class in your monthly cycle or you can buy loads if you run out super early, but you want to keep booking classes. Again, the more you buy at once, the cheaper they are, so keep that in mind. It's completely up to you. If you get to the end of your cycle and you still have a few left, you can roll up to ten over to use in the next month.

I'm only keeping my Classpass membership for a month and a half, but it's not for the reasons you might be thinking. Classpass literally saved my bacon, so for that I'll always be grateful. I needed something new to get me excited about working out again after breaking up with my gym, but I didn't know what that would look like. I signed up for Classpass and found it, almost immediately. I absolutely love reformer Pilates and Classpass gave me the freedom to try out a lot of teachers and studios in my area. As you may already know, I work from home and most of what I do every day is within walking distance of my home. I rarely jump on the tube or the train - hardly ever more than once or twice a week and sometimes not even that, but I like it that way. I'm such a neighbourhood girl and a total home-bird. I'm also a person who loves a bit of routine for some aspects of my life, particularly since my work isn't as scheduled as a typical 9-to-5 kind of job. I need scheduled things throughout my day to keep me on track or I lose focus really quickly - it's just how I am. For these reasons, it was great that I found a Pilates studio that's pretty close to where I live with a lot of teachers that I really like... Furthermore, when I signed up for Classpass, I thought I would go to a class maybe 2 or 3 times a week to simply supplement my dance schedule. As it turns out, I've been going almost every day... At that rate, after some research I discovered that the studio I like most offers a package that makes it even cheaper for me to go there every day than Classpass would, so for that reason alone I'm giving up my Classpass... Not because it's not amazing, but because I simply don't need it anymore and it helped me find the solution to my problem. If I ever find myself bored or wanting more from my workout routine, I wouldn't rule out joining Classpass again - it's an excellent service and at some point, I might even rejoin just to get a change of scenery from time to time. There are other studios I really like, but at the moment, I need to be frugal (don't we all?!?!) so I'll have to put variety on the back burner for the sake of affordable regularity and I'm more than satisfied with that for now.

After my experience I realised that while my tenure with Classpass might be short-lived, it would be so great for so many people who have different routines to my own. Keep reading to find out why Classpass is so great and who I think stands to benefit most from this amazing subscription service.

Who is Classpass good for?

1. The Undecided
This was me. After discovering that I love a class environment at my gym I knew that classes would be the right choice for me going forward, but I didn't know which ones. I needed the freedom to explore and try a variety of new classes to find what I like and what works for my fitness plan. Classpass helped me do this and by using Classpass I found a workout that I really love and a favourite studio, but I had the opportunity to try out loads of options. I can't tell you how many people I've heard say they don't work out because there's nothing they like to do on offer. If you feel that way, let me just say... I hear you and I used to be you. But there's more out there than you know about. I found out that there are so many classes I'd never heard of and that I liked things I didn't think I would. New classes are springing up all the time, so don't count yourself out yet just because you haven't found something you love. If you're still searching and undecided, then Classpass is like the Tinder for fitness classes and it's time to start dating a few options before settling down.

2. Movers & Shakers
Whether you're a jet setter who travels all the time, always traveling for work or just someone who's never in the same place in your own city enough to justify a single location for your workouts, Classpass gives you the freedom to book into a class where you are at any given time. It can be used throughout your own city, but also when you travel as long as you're in a city where it operates, so you don't have to worry about paying for something you won't use when you're away from your base or having to rush back to a particular location to squeeze in a workout. On top of that, it seems that most of the facilities I've looked at provide things like showers and changing areas, so if you want to work in a barre class between meetings, you totally could. That kind of flexibility makes it so much easier to stick to a fitness plan! Furthermore, if you're someone who loves an hour in the gym, Classpass also has some options for gym time, so it's possible that you could do that instead, but in multiple locations that are more suitable to your schedule.

3. Variety Seekers
Whether you are a classes only kind of person or you'd like something to supplement your regular fitness routine, Classpass offers variety. You could take a different class every day if you are easily bored or you might find that having a couple of varied classes a week is a nice way to shake up your regular routine of running, cycling or going to the gym. Because of the varied options for membership, you could choose a plan that allows you to take only a few classes a month or alternatively a different plan could give you one or two a week. Can't decide between yoga and Pilates? You don't have to... Are you the kind of person who loves spinning, crossfit, trampolining, boxing and HIIT all in the same week? If so, Classpass is definitely for you. 
4. Accountability Junkies
The classes are booked in advance and while you can cancel, you can't not show up or cancel too late without being penalised. Not showing up means losing your credits and being charged a fee which may sound harsh to some, but to others this is the kind of accountability that will force them to get moving (I'm one of these people!). If you need someone to hold you accountable, Classpass will do that for you.

5. Savers
Classpass is a way to save money. When I was looking at classes I was a little stunned at first to find that many in my area were £25 or more per class, which is pretty expensive. My monthly gym membership was only £28 per month or thereabouts, so I was a little shocked. Depending on which plan you sign up for and which classes you choose to book, those prices come right down, often more than 50% cheaper than they would be if you signed up for a single class directly with the studio. If you're particularly interested in a fitness plan that is mostly made up of classes, this might be the most cost-effective way of doing it, depending on what else you need from your routine such as flexibility, variety, etc.

Classpass offers a deal for newbies to try out 15 credits for free before committing to a plan, so that's a great, commitment-free way to test it out before you decide. For more information on Classpass or to sign up, visit

* This review post was written after a free trial and a month's subscription to Classpass that I paid for myself. This review is not sponsored and was in no way influenced by Classpass or any affiliated parties.

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