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O'Conaill Chocolate Shop in Cork City

O'Conaill Chocolate Shop in Cork City

I'm not the biggest chocolate junkie in the world... Honestly, O'Conaill Chocolate Shop is the kind of place I'd normally pass right by without thinking twice, but after a recommendation full of high praise, I couldn't resist stopping by to see what all the fuss was about on my last trip to Cork and I'm so glad I did. This place is a gem serving up deliciously tasty treats with lots for sale to take home for when you're sweet tooth flares up again.

O'Conaill Chocolate Shop

O'Conaill Chocolate Shop is just what you'd expect from the name... A special place where you can enjoy lots of baked goods, hot chocolates of all possible flavours and even coffees made better with - you guessed it - chocolate! Upon arrival I was excited at all the possibilities, so rather than be paralysed by choice, I decided to ask the lady behind the counter to tell me about her favourites. She suggested a latte topped with white and milk chocolate sprinkles with two shots of espresso, a chocolate shot and a mix of milk, white and dark chocolate chips to stir in. To be honest I was skeptical... That sounds like a lot of chocolate in a coffee, but I thought what the hey? It's what I was there for, so that's what I ordered. When it came to a food choice, she said the hazelnut and praline brownie was amazing, but might be too much with my choice of coffee so she suggested a cookie. I ignored her completely, and ordered the brownie - I'm not one to back down from a challenge after all.

brownie and whipped cream

The hazelnut and praline brownie was quite possible the best I've ever tasted. I also had a bit of my husband's plain brownie which was just as amazing, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for pralines. I usually find brownies from bakeries and cafes too dense, too chocolatey, too dry, too sweet or any combination of the above. My favourite brownies have always been the ones that are gooey in the middle and flaky on the top. That's exactly what O'Conaill Chocolate Shop is serving and their brownies are absolute perfection. 

brownies and coffee

As for the coffee, I never thought I'd be the kind of gal who puts chocolate in her coffee... Well, at least not since I gave up the mocha latte obsession I had in my early 20's. The chocolate-crazy cuppa I had at O'Conaill Chocolate Shop is definitely not the brew I'd choose for my daily caffeine fix, but it's special. It's like a grown-up hot fudge sundae - something to savour and appreciate as an indulgence. It's like a special occasion in a coffee cup.


Hot chocolate is the main event when it comes to drinks at O'Conaill Chocolate Shop and my husband ordered the white hot chocolate. I'm not the biggest fan of white chocolate to be honest, so for me personally, this choice was a little too sweet. If sweet is what you love or if you're a big fan of hot chocolate, I'm sure you can't go wrong ordering one of the options at this chocoholic's cafe, but for my money, the bitterness of coffee cuts the sweetness of the chocolate and they make a winning team.

Chocolate bars

For true chocolate fans, O'Conaill Chocolate Shop offers lots of options to take home including bars, chips, hot chocolate spoons and more. I can't recommend this adorable cafe enough! If chocolate isn't really your thing, not to worry... Coffee, tea and other baked goods like shortbread and meringues are all on offer and I'm sure they're just as delicious. For more information, to buy some of the products or to make plans to go there yourself, visit

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