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Hangover Helpers

Undoubtedly during the summer there is more than one occasion when you simply can't resist the siren call of a cold drink in the hot sun... It's understandable - it's too much fun to pass up and when the weather is good, you almost feel guilty if you don't go out and take advantage. That said, the heat and alcohol combination is likely to leave you feeling less than fresh in the morning if not completely hanging and dehydrated. In the spirit of keeping the summer fun without the horrific day after, I thought I'd share my tried & true hangover helpers... There's no science to this and I'm no doctor. These are simply my go-to's when I've overindulged. I might do one of them, a combination of a few or all if I feel like I need it. If they help me feel better, they might help you too - there's no sense in feeling horrible all day if you don't have to!

Hangover Helpers

1. Berocca
A friend once said that drinking Berocca would be helpful with a hangover because of all the vitamins and minerals, but after some Googling, I found further advice. If I know I'm going to have a big night, I have a Berocca before I go out and it seems to help.

2. Calippo
I hosted a dinner party once and we had a guest I had never met before attending with some of our friends. He informed me that Calippo, a popular ice lolly is the best hangover cure ever. As far as I'm concerned, he's right. If I'm ever feeling a bit ropey in the morning, I have a Calippo. If that doesn't work, I have two and usually that starts to make me feel better. It's also cold, so it's nice when you have that horrible dry mouth, hungover feeling.


3. V-8
Again, advice from a friend... Drink V-8, the veggie juice. My friend who suggested this works in the medical field so she was speaking specifically about the contents of the juice and there may be something to that, but I find the salty savouriness of it helpful as well. Think of it as a Bloody Mary without the alcohol. My same friend also touted the benefits of coconut water for hangovers, so that's an option if you don't like V-8.

4. Salty Food
If I have a hangover, the only thing I want to eat is something salty. Bacon, crisps, sodium-laced frozen pizzas, french fries... And I want a lot of it. I find that feeding a hangover is the way forward and when I feel rough, I give my body what it craves. That said, this really keeps me from indulging too much on a regular basis because I don't really want to gain 5 pounds every weekend.

5. Cool Shower
I never feel right the day after a night out until I've had a shower and there's something about cool water that really helps to shake it off, especially if I have a headache I can't shake. For an added bonus, I love a shower gel that's got tea tree oil or mint in it for that extra cooling sensation and the tingling wake up call it gives the body.

6. Sports Drinks
I don't know if it's the sugar, the electrolytes or both, but I love a sports drink like Lucozade SportGatorade or Powerade when I'm feeling a bit crook after a night out. I will guzzle these until I feel better and the colder they are, the better. The citrus flavours seem to go down better than others for me personally when I'm feeling rusty - lemon is my favourite at times like this. I usually prefer Lucozade Sport Lite so that I don't ingest a billion calories, but I'll take what I can get because when I'm feeling that way, I personally find it hard to tolerate water even though I realise that's what I should be having.

pints of beer

Do you have any tried & true hangover remedies you'd like to share? If so, leave a comment below.

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