Thursday, July 25, 2019

Lunch at The Stoke House in Victoria

Macaroni & cheese with roasted potatoes

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit blue because I injured my shoulder. After a few days of pain, I decided to get a sports massage... I couldn't dance or go to Pilates, I was in a lot of pain and to be honest, I was really feeling sorry for myself so I decided to make the trip into Victoria to have lunch with my husband which always cheers me up. We wandered over to the Nova Building which is chock full of restaurants where we settled on The Stoke House mostly because it has a charming outdoor seating area and it was super sunny that day. I don't think I've ever been to another place in London that nails comfort food quite the way the lunch menu at The Stoke House does.

Macaroni & Cheese in a cast iron Skillet

I have a very strict rule in my house. When you're sick or not feeling well in any way, you get to eat whatever you want. No diet, no rules - comfort food is an important part of life as far as I'm concerned. Macaroni & cheese with a side of roasted potatoes sounded like the best option to me - I know - two carbs, but I couldn't resist. The macaroni & cheese was so creamy and packed full of gooey cheese. It was delicious. The only thing that would've made it a bit better would've been a crispy coating of breadcrumbs on top, but minus that little oversight, it was one of the better mac & cheese's I've had in the city and I'm quite picky about this particular food. 

Roast potatoes

I didn't see any fries on the menu at The Stoke House, which to be honest would've been perfect, but these delicious garlic & thyme roasted potatoes with Cornish sea salt were a fabulous substitute. Crispy on the outside, stodgy on the inside and delicious. I'll be completely honest though... You don't need to order both of these - I was too full to finish my meal and I left most of these potatoes behind. The portions are very generous.

Cottage Pie

My husband ordered the cottage pie and to be honest, this was the real star of the day. It's the best cottage pie I've ever had... It's one of the best things I've ever had full stop. Tender shredded beef that would melt in your mouth in some sort of gravy topped with creamy mashed potatoes, sprinkled with chives and baked in a cast iron skillet. It's absolute heaven. The Stoke House seems to only serve this incredible dish for lunch, so I'll definitely be heading back to Victoria midday to have it again soon. That said, the meat was so incredible that I'm also really keen to go for dinner sometime to explore a bit more of what's on offer. But honestly, my husband and I ended up sharing this and we've been talking about it ever since. It's probably my favourite thing to eat at any restaurant in London and it's going to be so amazing to sit outside in a cozy sweater when Autumn comes around, eating this delicously warm comfort food classic!


The Stoke House is a British smoke house serving traditional cuts of meat alongside seasonal produce sourced here in the UK. Just a few steps from Victoria Station, it's a great spot to meet for lunch, after-work drinks & nibbles or dinner. They also have a pre-theatre menu available if you're planning to see a show in the area. The restaurant is open all day and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. For more information, to see the menu or to make a reservation visit

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