Wednesday, August 14, 2019

5 Ways to Keep Your Unwanted Clothing Out of Landfills

5 Ways to Keep Your Unwanted Clothing Out of Landfills

With growing concerns about fast fashion and the effects of clothing waste on the environment, it's likely to cross your mind when you find something in your closet that's no longer wearable or that you simply don't want anymore. Luckily it's getting easier and more convenient to keep those items of clothing out of landfills these days. Here are five ways to keep your discarded clothing from ending up in the landfill...

1. Charity Shop Donations
If you live in a major city, you probably know of several charity shops in your neighbourhood that will appreciate your donations. Simply bag up any clothing that is used, but still wearable and drop them off or if you can't, there are services that will collect them such as You can also donate your clothing to Cancer Research UK at TK Maxx stores.You may not want them anymore, but the charity can raise money by selling them and people who have a limited budget can buy them at a very reduced price.

2. Dress for Success
Dress for Success is a charity that helps to empower women who are in need of employment and one of the many things they do is provide them with professional attire. If you have pre-loved work clothes that you don't want anymore, it's possible that they can be useful in helping a woman who really needs them find her dream job and achieve self-sufficiency. Click here to read more about clothing donations to Dress for Success.

3. Sell
You might be tired of something, but it doesn't mean that someone else won't want it and there are lots of options for selling your lightly worn clothes online these days. Whether you choose something like ebay, sell via social media or use a sight like Depop, there are plenty of options and you can put that money towards your holiday, savings or a new wardrobe!

4. Recycle
This is the best option I know of for clothing that can't be worn anymore. Whether it's stained, ripped or simply beyond repair, H&M provides bins in-store worldwide for clothing recycling. There are also sometimes bins outside for recycling shoes and clothing too if you keep your eyes peeled. H&M's recycling bins will accept any fabric in any condition to recycle, so there's no excuse if you can get your unwanted clothing items there and it's free. TK Maxx also accepts clothing donations as mentioned above for charity, but any items that can't be sold or worn are either repurposed or recycled as part of their Give Up Clothes for Good programme.

5. Get crafty
From Pinterest to YouTube there's no shortage of inspiration for how you could repurpose, upcycle or reinvent something in your wardrobe. For example, I recently saw on Instagram stories that old t-shirts are better for your wet hair after a shower than towels. My mother used to make keepsake quilts out of old high school t-shirts as gifts for graduates to take with them to university. Get out your scissors, needle and thread and glue guns and get crafty... As the saying goes, "Everything old is new again." 

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