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Introducing Wild - the Good Deodorant

Introducing Wild - the Good Deodorant
* Product generously gifted by Wild, but all views are strictly my own, I have not been compensated for this or any other content and I am under no obligation to post this review or any social media content.

About two years ago I tried a natural deodorant for the first time during the hottest week of the summer. (Click here to read about that...) While I loved the product, eventually I fell into old habits, mostly because they were easier. Having a deodorant that you need to keep in the fridge and apply with your hands simply didn't fit into my personal lifestyle. I need to grab and go sometimes, slapping on some deodorant quickly because I'm in a hurry and then throwing it into my bag because I've got that meeting right after my dance class I'll need to refresh for. Don't judge... We've all been there and we're all just trying to make our schedules work. Sometimes you just can't swing a shower after Pilates before brunch and that's ok, especially when you have your handy, dandy deodorant in your bag. Having to put it in the fridge so it doesn't melt is ok in theory, but it just wasn't the most sustainable plan for me personally.

Wild is a new brand that's taking natural deodorant to a whole new level. I'll admit that this isn't really the kind of thing I've been writing about lately, but I really like this brand and the product I've been trying. Wild is making deodorants with no nasties in 100% recyclable packaging and they even have a subscription option, so you never have to run out of deodorant again or make a rushed trip to a pharmacy to stock up. 

Wild Lemon & Thyme Deodorant

The key to understanding why going natural is good for you boils down to function and ingredients. Wild makes deodorants, but many of the products on the mainstream market are antiperspirants. This is the major difference because one neutralises the smell of your sweat when it mixes with the bacteria on your skin and the other blocks up your sweat glands, trying to prevent you from sweating, which is not natural. Aluminium and parabens are part of this process... If you really stop to think about it, you wouldn't eat aluminium, so why would you want to stuff it into your pores? Natural deodorants like Wild aim to simply eliminate the odour with natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils that aren't harmful to the body. In order to accept this concept, you will probably have to accept that sweat is natural, which may be hard to do, but it's worth considering... Is not having sweaty pits worth harming yourself for? Sweat is as natural as getting a pimple or being bloated when you have PMS. There's really no room for feeling shame when it comes to sweat, but nobody wants to be stinky. Furthermore, I can't remember ever using an off-the-shelf deodorant that ever kept me completely dry anyway, so for me personally it's definitely not worth the risk.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a sweaty girl. I mean, I'm not disgustingly dripping all the time, but I sweat more than some, especially when I'm being active. There are a lot of women who come to my dance and Pilates classes that never break a sweat no matter how hard they're working... I'm unfortunately not one of those gals. I walk out of most classes looking like I've been hosed down. It's just the reality and it doesn't bother me really... What does bother me is a deodorant that can't keep up with me - I don't like being stinky.

I put the Wild Lemon & Thyme Deodorant {gifted} through its paces and I'm very happy to report that it passed the sniff test with flying colours. I wore Wild to a hot & sweaty Pilates class, followed by a long walk on a hot day and it was still doing its job well into the night. I woke up the next morning and my armpits still smelled fresh and clean. Feeling as though it was too good to be true, I started wearing Wild every day and now I'm so into it... It actually keeps me dry even though that's not the intention really and it works. At first it took a bit of getting used to I'll admit... Lemon & thyme are food smells, so I sometimes felt as though I smelled like a fancy sorbet, but eventually the scent has really grown on me and it's so much more natural than smelling like baby powder which is pretty much what all mass market brands smell like. I actually prefer Wild to my other favourites now and I might stop using those old standbys altogether to be honest because I love the idea of this natural, easy-to-use, recyclable deodorant. The bonus is that it glides on clear, which is helpful for a clumsy girl like me because I'm always getting deodorant stains on my clothes. 

Lemon & Thyme Natural Deodorant

If that's not convincing enough, for every deodorant sold, Wild pledges 10p to their partner World Land Trust to help slow down the increasing climate change, rehabilitate wild life and raise awareness for global eco-issues. The products are also Vegan-friendly and never tested on animals, not to mention the brand has a plan for reducing or eliminating plastic.

Wild is available in Lemon & Thyme, Mint & Eucalyptus, Rose & Geranium and Unscented. I'll be the first to admit that this is not the cheapest option for deodorant available. It's actually more on the expensive side and you have to buy at least 3 at a time, but here are a few things that should help the price tag look a little less intimidating. Firstly, you get a lot - I've been using this deodorant for about two weeks and I haven't yet had to crank it up. The stick is quite big - I reckon this lasts a lot longer than the deodorants I've been buying at the pharmacy and it's not all that much more expensive. Also, it's 100% recyclable and I think if at all possible and affordable, it's our social responsibility to help contribute to the global plastic problem where and how we can. Finally, it's a treat for our bodies because it doesn't have any nasties in it. These are all reasons to feel good about spending a little more if you can afford it... Wild Deodorants are sold three at a time online for £23.99 + shipping or you can save 15% if you join the subscription service which allows you to get deliveries as frequently as you like. For more information or to place your order, visit

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