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New Beauty Products For Autumn

New Beauty Products For Autumn
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There's something about Autumn that always gets me excited and reminds me of that back to school feeling when as a kid I would buy new school supplies, go shopping for a wardrobe update and of course at a certain age, stock up on new beauty supplies to help me look my best. Truth be told, I still buy a few new school supplies from time to time... I love treating myself to a new ink pen and notebook when I need a mood booster. Though there's no back-to-school for me anymore, I still love when Autumn clothes start lining the rails at my favourite stores and I always enjoy indulging. As for beauty products, I love an update with every passing season and this Autumn is no different. Obviously I'm never too shy to pick up a new beauty product here and there, but I find seasonal updates great because it's a good excuse to take stock of what has changed and plan appropriately. For example, my hair is darker and longer than it was when the summer started, so that's a good place to start for me... Here are some of my favourite new products that I'll be adding to my beauty routine this Autumn. 

Etmore Beauty Liquid Illuminators

I am all about highlighters and illuminators these days and these Etmore Beauty Liquid Illuminators are fierce. Available in three colours which include Champagne Ice, Moroccan Princess and Sunset Blush, these lovely little potions work for both the face and the body. A little goes a long way and I find that all three colours work on my skin tone depending on whether I want a natural glow, something a little more pink & rosy or a more tanned look. I like to use one pump on my hand and apply over foundation, but under powder on my face with a sponge on my cheekbones, forehead, temples, nose and a dab on my chin. If I'm wearing something sleeveless or a v-neck, I'll use another pump to pat around my chest area and on the tops of my shoulders. I love this product and it's perfect for faking a bit of summer glow as the sun fades. Etmore Beauty Liquid Illuminator is £11.99 per bottle, cruelty free and available online at

GOSH Waterproof Setting Powder
Three months ago I definitely could've used this, but I find I'm needing it now more than ever... I hate the way makeup starts to look a bit disheveled after a bit of a sweat and these days I find I'm sweating a lot between dancing and Pilates. Furthermore, I run a bit warm in general, so as Autumn comes I find every business, restaurant and pub feels the need to pump up the heat. GOSH Waterproof Setting Powder is great for maintaining a flawless finish even when sweating. I find that when I use this powder my makeup still looks pretty good, even after a sweat sesh. GOSH Waterproof Setting Powder is £9.99 and available at Superdrug.

Wet Brush Original Detangler in Hot Pink
I was skeptical about whether or not the Wet Brush Original Detangler would be anything special, but it totally is. Brushing my hair while wet has never been easier since I got this brush and it's pretty great on dry hair too! I love the design because it's super easy to hold and navigates quite easily through my hair whether wet, dry or tangled. At just £11.99, the Wet Brush Original Detangler is a bargain and to be honest, I wonder how I lived so long without it. Click here for more information, additional colours and styles or to buy yours.

Scrun by Whu
4. Scrun by Whu [gifted]
I have long had a love/hate relationship with hair donuts. While I find them easy enough to use and sometimes lifesaving on a bad hair day, I can never get my hair to look natural when it's wrapped around a donut. Scrun to the rescue! This cool new product is changing the way we create updo's for the better and honestly, I'm really impressed with how easy it is to use. Rather than a giant, puffy donut, Scrun is more like a scrunchy with its built-in hair band. You can wrap this around your hair just like a hair tie to create a ponytail and work with it from there. It's super easy to use and comes with little instruction guides for inspiration. There are also lots of inspirational photos and some videos on the website to help you get started. You can order a Scrun to match your hair colour in blonde, black or brunette and it comes in a little mesh bag with the how-to's and a small pouch of hair grips (aka bobby pins), so you have everything you need to get started. As my schedule gets busy this Autumn and it becomes increasingly more difficult to wake up on time as the mornings get darker, I know this is going to be a lifesaver on days when I want to look great, but don't really want to fuss too much over my hair. Scrun by Whu is £12.50 and available online at

Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Stimulating Scalp Mask
I've been hearing so much about Trichotherapy for maintaining scalp and hair health lately that I thought I'd start incorporating it into my routine. Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Stimulating Scalp Mask is a weekly treatment with vitamin E, menthol & camphor and caffeine that cools and energises the scalp. The mask was created to encourage optimum hair health and since I'm trying to grow my hair longer, I think this will help me to maintain it as it grows. Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Stimulating Scalp Mask is £19 for two and it's available online at

Natura Siberica Foot Cream
I put my feet through the ringer all the time, so I'm always on the hunt for a great foot cream. From dancing and Pilates to constantly pounding the pavement walking everywhere I go, my feet are often tired, sore and extremely dry. We're also coming out of sandals season which can be very drying on the feet, so it's time to give our peds some TLC. Lately I've been using Natura Siberica Oblepikha Foot Cream and I love it. It smells lovely, feels great on the skin and it lasts all day. I like to apply this at night before bed or anytime after a shower, but I especially love this anytime I'm wearing socks because it really gets to work when it's sealed in. Natura Siberica Oblepikha Foot Cream is only £4.50 and available online at


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