Thursday, September 19, 2019

No Jackets Please

No Jackets Please
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The funny thing about rules is that they often apply to or protect the many, but not the few who are the exceptions and this also applies to style. Every stylist in the world will tell you in their books, on television or in talks that a jacket is flattering on everyone, but I disagree, primarily because jackets rarely if ever look good on me. That's not to say I have never tried on a jacket that looks good - of course I have, but more often than not I think they make me look bigger and bulkier, destroying my figure rather than complimenting it. I know that if money were no object and I splurged on the perfect jacket with the ideal shape, tailoring, cut and fit, that sure - it would probably look great, especially if I had it altered to fit even more perfectly, but who has that kind of time and unlimited money? I certainly don't. It's for this reason however that I love a structured cardigan that looks like a jacket, but is made from a more forgiving knit that hugs my curves rather than making me look boxy, even more busty than usual or wide. This isn't just my opinion... If I had a pound for every woman I've had this conversation with recently, I'd have a pocket full of cash. Many of us complaining about jackets are a little more blessed in the bra area than some, have broad shoulders and are long or thick waisted... I happen to be all of these things and all of these features combined make wearing a jacket without looking like an American football player difficult, but a classically shaped cardigan with a bit of structure is so much easier and can look just as good paired with a top & jeans or work trousers, over your favourite dress or atop a professional yet sexy pencil skirt. 

I'm writing this because I think these rules can be so helpful, but they're just guidelines. It's disappointing when I hear perfectly beautiful girls who think there's something wrong with them because the one thing that's supposed to look great on everyone makes them feel frumpy, shapeless and unattractive. Ladies, I hope you'll hear me when I say this... There's NOTHING wrong with you! You're perfect just as you are and being the 1% that the rules don't apply to makes you unique, not flawed. It's important to wear what makes you feel great, not what someone else says will look good on you having never seen you. And you know what they say about rules... They're made to be broken.

structured plaid cardigan with fringe trim

Cardigan: Wild Honey / Top: Warehouse / Jeans: Gap (old - similar here)
Clutch: Aurora London / Boots: Jigsaw (old) / Sunglasses: Maui Jim (old)
Belt: Gap / Necklace: J. Crew (old - similar here) / Earrings: Tory Burch (old - similar here)


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