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The Skincare Products I'm Adding to My Beauty Routine This Autumn

The Skincare Products I'm Adding to My Beauty Routine This Autumn
* This post contains gifted items.

With every new season I like to add a few new additions to my beauty routine to keep things fresh and up-to-date. Lately I've really been taking note of a few skin issues I have that need some TLC, specifically redness around the busted blood vessels near my nose, dullness and a few little signs of ageing. These are the products I'm adding to my skincare routine this Autumn... 

Iroha Nature Glow Shot Instant Glowing Ampoules

After a summer of fun in the sun and air conditioning, I always find my skin a bit dry and dull, not to mention dirtier than usual after spending so much time outside in a big city. I'm taking the necessary steps to get my skin back into shape before it gets battered by overheating radiators and cold winds, but in the meantime when I need a bit of extra glow, I am currently loving the Iroha Nature Glow Shot Instant Glowing Ampoules. I simply wash my face, snap one of these little bullets open and put the contents on my clean face before applying my makeup for the day and before I know it my face looks so much more radiant than it did before. It's an instant boost on days when your face needs a little extra help or you have a special occasion you want to look amazing for. The ampoules are normally £12.99, but are currently on sale for £9.95 for 5 and available online here via

Polaår Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Multi-Energiser

Not just your average eye cream, this is quite possibly my favourite product ever. Polaår Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Multi-Energiser is as hard-working as it is enjoyable to use, reducing dark circles, getting rid of puffiness and helping your eyelashes to grow. Made with Siberian Ginseng, it really is icy magic as it feels so cool and soothing when applied with the roller ball and while I plan to use this all the time, it's great on especially hot days when you need some chilling relief. One of my favourite things about Polaår Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Multi-Energiser is the packaging - it's so easy to use! Simply click the little pump to release the perfect amount of product onto the roller ball, dot a bit above and below the eye and then use the ball to roll it on around the brow line, the contour under the eyes, the lids and then on the eyelashes as well. Don't just take my word for it... One of these products is sold every 15 minutes, or so I've been told, so I'm not the only one who's completely in love with it! For just under £30, I personally think this product is a bargain as it's just as lush as some alternatives I've used with much higher price tags and in my opinion, an even better product. Click here to get yours!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

I found these while I was out shopping a while ago and just got around to using them in recent weeks, but I'm super impressed with the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. They're not expensive and super easy to use, but provide a light exfoliation once or twice daily. I love to use these just after cleansing, but before toner both morning and night as needed. I find that sometimes after a long day of dancing, working out and wearing makeup that this addition to my skincare routine helps me to get my face properly clean. A quick swipe on the face and neck and that's it... No fuss. 

Novoexpert La Crème Peeling de Nuit

I'm not getting any younger - last time I checked none of us are, so I've decided to get a little more aggressive with my skincare routine to preserve as much as possible. I don't get botox or anything like that. The most dramatic thing I do for my skin is to have fairly regular facials. A night peeling cream seems like a good, logical next step and I'm super excited to introduce Novexpert La Crème Peeling de Nuit to my skincare routine for smoother, more refined skin when I wake up in the morning. The only trouble is having the discipline to apply this every night before bed, but I'm totally going to try. 

Lierac Paris Hydragenist Oxygenating & Replumping Cream

Is there anything better than a great moisturiser? I don't think so... When worse comes to worse and time is sparse, sometimes a good moisturiser in the morning or before bed is all I can manage. My new favourite is Lierac Paris Hydragenist Oxygenating & Replumping Cream. It's rich, but light at the same time, doesn't feel at all greasy or overwhelmingly heavy and it smells lovely. I've already been using this cream for a couple of weeks and I'm excited to continue using it this Autumn. It's just under £25 for a jar and it's great for using both day and night, under makeup or on your bare face. Click here to get yours.

Synchrorose Fast redness reducing cream

This isn't a brand I was previously familiar with, but my facialist recommended it to me at my last appointment because I have some busted blood vessels around my nose. She explained that she has the same problem, but has been using this cream twice a day for a few months and has seen a drastic improvement. It's not super expensive, so I decided to give it a try. She did explain to me that consistency is key with this particular product and that I should set recurring alarms on my phone to make sure I apply it every single day to see proper results, so I decided to wait until Autumn to see if the consistency of my schedule would help me stick to it. Synchrorose Fast is suitable for treating other types of intermittent or permanent redness as well. This product is currently available here from Amazon.

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