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10 Hair Accessories to Have On-Hand

10 Hair Accessories to Have On-Hand
ASOS Headband With Blue Crystal Embellishment in Golden Satin - £12
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I never really thought I'd ever be the kind of person who'd buy a lot of hair accessories again... I felt like that ship had sailed, yet slowly but surely I've fallen down the rabbit hole and find myself reaching for something cute to put in my locks almost every day. I'm not sure if it's just because it's trendy at the moment or if it's that my hair is longer than it has been in a few years, but I am finding it so hard to resist all the cute hair accessories that seem to be everywhere I look. I've built up quite a collection and I find them so useful for avoiding bad hair days and a lot of fun. Hair accessories are also a really affordable way to switch up your look or make things a little more interesting when you feel like you're in a style rut. Here are the 10 hair accessories I think everyone with medium to long hair should have on-hand as well as some of my favourite from each category... Some of these will work for short hair too!

rainbow sweater and blue jewelled headband
Asos Headband With Blue Crystal Embellishment & Purple Velvet - £10

1. Headbands
I used to hate headbands because they were tight fitting and gave me a headache, but as is the case with most things, they've improved over the years and now I find myself wearing them all the time. I love bright colours and sparkly jewelled options best and I wear them with my hair up or down, depending on my mood.

2. Hair Ties
I'm sure every girl owns a few hair ties or hair elastics - whatever you want to call them. They're a necessity, but lately I'm seeing so many cute ones and they're so much more fun than the standard brown elastics you find in the drugstore. My hair is just now getting long enough for a nice ponytail, so I plan to invest in some fun, sparkly hair ties very soon!

3. Hair Pins & Slides
Sometimes you just need a little something extra and some sparkly hair pins or slides can be great for that. Jazz up a slightly bland outfit with some hair bling, accessorise an updo for a special occasion or just pop a little sparkle on the side while your hair is down for a little something extra... The options are endless.

black and white polka dot ribbon on brown hair ponytail and black & white checked coat in front of a blue wall
Ribbon I purchased from my local sewing store for less than £1
4. Ribbons
This is probably the easiest and cheapest option on this list and yet can make a big statement. There are of course loads of hair ties with ribbons attached, but if you're just crafty enough to be able to tie a bow and trim a ribbon, you can do this one super cheaply. There's a sewing store in my neighbourhood so I usually go there and simply buy a yard of each ribbon I want, usually for no more than £1 each, sometimes much less. Then I trim it to the length I want. If you don't have a store near you selling ribbons by the yard there are some other options. Some sellers on Etsy sell bunches of ribbon lengths and you can sometimes find the same on Amazon. Alternatively you can buy a whole spool of a ribbon colour, which still isn't expensive in most cases and simply use the leftovers for gift wrapping or any craft projects you might enjoy. The great thing about getting your own ribbons rather than buying something pre-made is that you have freedom to experiment with colours, textures and patterns. My favourite ribbons are grosgrain or organza, but there are so many options, the sky's the limit and while a couple of years ago I might've reserved this sort of hair accessory for children, trends have given us permission to get creative with our ponytails again.

5. Barrettes
Something else I thought I might never need, barrettes were once a staple in my beauty box. I now find myself reaching for them again, whether I'm wearing my hair half up or looking for the smaller snap variety to accessorise my mane. There's plenty of cute ones available at the moment, so even if it's not something you feel like you need, you might find you want some anyway just to get involved in the trend... Why not?

6. Bows
Gone are the days when bows are just for little girls... Women are wearing bows in their hair and they're super chic. I especially love a really big one on a low ponytail, but a small one can be cute too.

7. Headscarves
The handy dandy bad hair day saviour, a headscarf is your best friend between washes, on rainy days or hot summer days - any day when your hair falls flat or suddenly becomes crazy frizzy. I also love a headscarf as a way to add a little something extra to an outfit when it needs it... Prints, solid colours or even a bandana will work. Wrap it around your head or tie it around your ponytail - get creative and have fun with it!

8. Hair Clips
A hair clip that you can keep on hand to just pull your hair up when you need to is invaluable. I've carried one in my bag at all times since I was a teenager and I won't be stopping now. There are also some hair clips that are more fashion than function and I'm on board with those too. It's always fun to try a new, cute accessory!

9. Scrunchies
When I was a tween and tween I was the scrunchie queen. I had them in every print and colour to match every outfit. When they fell out of favour I vowed to never own another and if I'm honest, I still don't, but I have my eye on a few... The trend is wearing down my resistance. I have to be honest, they're cute and I especially love the really thin, satin ones. I'd be willing to bet that I'll be a proud scrunchie owner again before long...

10. Combs
Combs are especially lovely for updo's and can be a way to easily accessorise your hair. They're also nice for pulling up the sides. Here are some really lovely ones that would easily inspire me to start experimenting with hair combs again.

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