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9 Fun Board Games That Aren't Cards Against Humanity

9 Fun Board Games That Aren't Cards Against Humanity

I've really been enjoying board games lately, especially on cold, wintery nights, rainy weekend afternoons or when we're having friends over. I think it all started with Cards Against Humanity, a fond favourite that I've been playing at my house with various friends for years now... Though I'll never stop loving that wildly inappropriate card game and all the fun it brings, it's nice to switch things up a bit! That said, if you've never played Cards Against Humanity before, be sure to add that to your collection asap because it's a winner! 

Over the past year I've been accumulating lots of games, some that are new and others that are just new to me... These are the favourites in my collection and don't sweat it if you're not a big groups fan... Some of these can be played with just two people.

Trivial Pursuit 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition

I rarely meet someone who doesn't watch Friends and this little game is super easy to transport pretty much anywhere. I haven't tried it yet, but I think you could play a proper Trivial Pursuit game with these cards on a standard board if you wanted to, but you don't need to. Everything you need for a fun little party game is in the small box and you can quiz your friends on trivia about everyone's favourite comedy for hours. It's pretty fun to have a lightening round too if you have any players who are getting all the answers right! Though I'm sure you can do this one with just two players, I think it's a lot more fun in larger groups.

A more formal version of Trivial Pursuit, this was a little treat I bought for my husband and I recently and we love it. It's like traditional Trivial Pursuit, but with a whole new decades pop culture category thrown in. It's the original plus a little bit extra and a lot of fun. It's also a beautiful set and perfect for gifting. 2 or more players and if you have too many, play on teams. It's fun either way.

3. Risk
Risk is one of my all-time favourites. This classic game of global domination never gets old for me and while some people feel it's not suitable to play with just two people, I've never minded it. Roll the dice, set up your armies and take down your enemies one by one until your empire is strong. Risk usually takes a long time to play, so this is a good one for rainy afternoons or anytime when you have a fair few hours to kill.


4. Catan
If you like Risk, you'll probably like Catan too which is a similar sort of game. Catan is about creating settlements and cities by collecting, bartering and trading commodities found near the settlements you own. Try to build more settlements, roads and cities to earn Victory Points and defeat your opponents. I've only played this twice and to be honest, there are a lot of rules and it's easy to get confused at first, but once you get the hang of it, this game is really fun. There are expansion packs available too... You can play this one with two or more players. 


I once saw a couple playing this at a table outside a pub and couldn't wait to buy it, but then forgot. Years later, I finally found it in my local bookstore and it's a lot of fun. Basically, it's a word game, but with an espionage twist. You have to get your teammate to guess words on the board based on one-word clues without guessing the assassin who ends the game. It's trickier than it sounds and so much fun! CODENAMES is meant for 4 or more players, but there are amendments you can make to play with 2 or 3 players non-competitively if you need to. That said, there's also a game (see below) specifically designed for two players that's competitive and I highly recommend buying the Duet version for couples. I actually bought both because the rules are slightly different.

A lot like CODENAMES, this version is specifically made for two players and it's so much fun. My husband and I played this for hours recently one night. It takes a while to get the hang of it, so it doesn't get boring easily and once you get good at it, there are ways to make it more interesting. We haven't even gotten that far yet. As with the regular version of CODENAMES, there are amendments you can make to DUET to play with more than two people. It's honestly worth having both because they're different and the rules are too. 

7. Taboo
I love Taboo and have since I was a teenager. It's all about the buzzer for me... Players try to get their teammates to guess a word without saying any of the clue words on the card. If they say one of the taboo words, an opponent hits the buzzer. The team that guesses the most at the end of the game wins. This one can get really silly, especially after a few glasses of wine and it's more suited to bigger groups... I'd say at least 4 to 6 or more.

F**K the Game

My husband found this recently and I'd never heard of it, but it's great fun. You have 4 rules of what you need to say when you see the 4 different types of cards, but you have to be quick. If someone else can guess it quicker, they slap their hand down, guess and get your point. It's loud, high energy and there's a lot of swearing... Good fun, especially with dinner guests. We played it on Thanksgiving and it went down a treat. If you love Cards Against Humanity, this is the next game you should buy.

Another bookstore find, I couldn't resist this little movie game. It's small, so easily transported and it's super fun. It's all about movies and you play on teams. It gets a bit silly when people are acting out films and the lightening rounds are intense. You need at least 4 or 5 people for this game and it's great for parties. The tagline says it's for anyone who's ever seen a movie so don't feel like you have to be a real film genius to play, but to be honest, it does help if you or someone on your team likes movies.



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