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Peggy Porschen Chelsea - Not Just For Cupcakes

Peggy Porschen Chelsea - Not Just for Cupcakes

Chances are you've probably heard of Peggy Porschen before. With their almost half a million Instagram followers, this London cafe that's famous for its cupcakes and fabulous floral decor is a favourite with influencers from near and far with bloggers & 'grammers often lined up to get the perfect photos. The first cafe opened in 2010 and Peggy Porschen has made cookies & cakes for a ton of celebrities. Even Vogue is a fan, naming Peggy Porschen one of the most Instagrammable places in London. 

After seeing thousands of photos on Instagram over the years I finally decided to go check out Peggy Porschen myself. I was happy to find that the cafe accepts reservations as many hotspots in London do not, which is always a discouragement for me... The city is crowded with both locals and tourists and I hate waiting in a queue, especially if the weather is terrible. That said, I've actually never queued for a restaurant as usually the result with the no-reservations places I've tried to visit is that the waiting list is full for the rest of the day, meaning I can't even wait to get in. It's such a downer when that happens, so I'm delighted whenever I find a place that will actually take a reservation. I thought we would go and grab a coffee, maybe a pastry and some cake, but once I got there I knew there was a lot more to Peggy Porschen than just the sweet stuff.

It was raining cats and dogs on the Sunday morning when I visited Peggy Porschen Chelsea on Kings Road, but once we stepped through the beautiful pink doors it was like being transported to another world. The decor isn't just pink - it's perfect. Beautiful blush tones complemented by white, muted greens and gold fixtures are just part of the visual experience. Flowers are everywhere, from the arrangements in vases and hanging on the walls to the actual walls themselves. The large chandeliers resemble ladies' hats while delicate wreaths that look like they're made from pale pink berries hang on the walls and then there are the cakes taking centre stage, a deliberate decorative statement themselves. It's a treat for the senses!

We were seated straight away and thankfully the cafe has a 15 minute grace period, something else I always appreciate since city transportation can be so unpredictable. Truthfully, the only complaint I would have about Peggy Porschen is the coffee. It's not undrinkable by a long shot, but it's not that good either. I ordered a skinny latte and it was reasonably flavourless, like the coffees you get out of electronic machines with powdered milk. Upon looking at the menu, we skipped pastries & cakes and went straight for the breakfast. I'm so glad we did.

smoked salmon & scrambled eggs on toast

My husband ordered the smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on toast. Beautifully presented, it was delicious, good value for money and just the right portion. He also ordered a freshly squeezed orange juice which was delicious, but a bit on the pricey side if I'm honest. 

bacon & eggs

Before I talk about my order, I'm not carb-free or gluten-free - I just want to be clear about that, but sometimes I just don't fancy bread in the morning. I've always been that way... I don't like the smell of toast, so we don't even own a toaster in our home. Feeling this way on the day we went to Peggy Porschen, I asked for simply two poached eggs with bacon and no toast. It wasn't a problem at all - they were happy to accommodate me. I can honestly say without any question, it might be the best bacon I've ever tasted in my life. They eggs were great - simple poached eggs, perfectly runny in the middle. The bacon on the other hand was maple-cured, so salty sweet and full of bursting flavour. It was crispy, but thick. It was everything I've ever wanted out of a few slices of bacon (maybe the best I've ever had) and I really enjoyed my breakfast. 


After our breakfast we contemplated trying some cakes, but honestly it was just too early for us and we were stuffed, but we stayed for another coffee to soak up the ambiance and stay out of the rain. We did however buy some cupcakes to take to a friend's house and while we didn't taste them, they were boxed up beautifully and I understand they went down a treat.


As far as budget goes, some things at Peggy Porschen are very reasonably priced. Our bill totalled to just about £40 including the service charge for two breakfast dishes, one orange juice and 4 coffees, which is pretty affordable as far as London prices go. If you're on a budget, but still want to experience the cafe, I'd recommend just going for a coffee & croissant or ordering the Peggy's Petit Dejeuner which is the same, but with an orange juice for just £7.50. That said, all of the breakfast dishes are under £12, so it's not going to break the bank and it's worth it for the delicious food and all the pretty Instagram photos you'll be able to take. 

For those who are interested, there are lots of souvenirs and gift options available inside the cafe as well. Tote bags, boxed cookies, chocolate truffles and books are all options and lovely ways to make the experience last a bit longer.


All in, I really enjoyed our visit to Peggy Porschen Chelsea. I'd definitely like to go back sometime for a cupcake. Some of the flavours were really interesting and for anyone who enjoys a boozy dessert, a few of them contain a little cheeky alcohol (be aware in case you're treating the kiddos!). They of course also have more traditional flavours like red velvet, cookies & cream and chocolate as well. All of the options are beautifully presented and a real treat!

It came to my attention while I was writing this post that this Spring, Peggy Porchen will exclusively launch a perfectly pink new Afternoon Tea Experience at The Lanesborough Hotel which is taking place from 3rd March - 2nd June, 2020. Click here to make a reservation. 

Cakes menus

There are two locations of Peggy Porschen with the one I visited on Kings Road in Chelsea and the original cafe on Ebury Street in Belgravia. For more information, to check out the menus & photos, place an order online or to make a reservation, visit peggyporschen.com.

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