Thursday, March 26, 2020

5 Things to Do While in Quarantine - Volume #3

5 Things to Do While in Quarantine - Volume #3 Laundry

1. Back up old files & photos
This is something I always feel like I never have time for and because of it I react by doing little bits at a time to free up space on my phone or laptop in an unorganised fashion. It's the perfect busy work to get done while you're binge watching Netflix, so get that back-up drive out and get to organising your digital files & photos!

2. Do a load of laundry
You never really appreciate something until you need it, but don't have it. We do our laundry at the laundromat next door and the other day they closed. Luckily they've now reopened after being deemed an essential business, but I had a full day of worrying about how I would manage getting our clothes clean for the duration of what could be a lengthy lockdown. Now I'm happier than ever to do a load of laundry, something I used to loath. There's something soothing about the monotony of folding clothes and it's always nice to see empty laundry baskets for a day or two. If your laundry is all caught up, maybe use this time to wash other things you haven't in a while like curtains, duvet covers, bath mats and other things around the house. You'll feel good about the accomplishment and it will give you something to do.

3. Go for a walk
At the moment we're allowed one form of exercise per day outside the home here in the U.K. and I'm so grateful for that. I know some people are not so lucky, but you can get creative... If you're allowed out, try a different route and walk some less crowded streets in your neighbourhood - take in the change of scenery, even if you just spend the time thinking about which house you would buy if you could. If you're not allowed out, a walk around your home, no matter how small will keep you moving from time to time and break up the monotony. Maybe stop by a window to look outside and enjoy the little bit of fresh air you can get. Sitting all day every day isn't good for any of us, so it's important to move around a little bit.

4. Read a book
Sometimes I find that the reason I don't read so much is the same as the reason I never used to go to the gym... Starting is the hardest part. Pick up that book that's been gathering dust for ages and start. Set yourself a timer for 30 minutes or whatever you like and just get started. You might be surprised at how quickly you get into it and maybe you'll actually end up finishing it. It's a good way to distract from all the scary news right now and keep your mind working in a way that's positive and hopefully enjoyable or informative.

5. Clean out your closet
Whenever I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed I always find cleaning out my closet soothing and restorative. It gets me moving, keeps me busy for a time and there's something refreshing about knowing where everything is, even if it only lasts a week. I also find that when things change, I change - I think we all do. If you're like me, you're probably reaching for different things to wear right now, so putting them front and centre might make this whole process a bit more bearable right now. There's no sense in looking at your office wear first thing every morning if it makes you sad and feel like your missing out, so move that to the back of your closet for the time being and let the stuff you're wearing regularly right now take centre stage. You can also use this time to get rid of things you haven't worn in a while. If you're not sure where to start or want some tips, I can help. Click here to read my Simple Closet Clean-out Tips.

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