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Birdies at Battersea Power Station - A Hole in One For an Hour of Fun

Birdies at Battersea Power Station - A Hole in One For an Hour of Fun

A few months ago some friends shared photos of their lunch date at Battersea Power Station and it looked like a fun place to spend an afternoon. Of course it completely slipped my mind for ages, but one day while trying to plan some fun stuff to do on the weekends, I recalled those photos and started Googling. Before I knew it, I was booking us in for a round of mini-golf at Birdies, a fun new spot for some silly fun. We lucked into a sunny day when we headed down to Battersea so it was the perfect afternoon to spend there by the river, browsing the shops, stopping for a coffee and having some food & drinks, but Birdies was definitely the highlight of our visit.

Decorated old golf cart in front of Birdies at Battersea Power Station

Birdies isn't your average mini-golf course. There's something very chill and relaxed about the whole experience from start to finish. You'll find it easily at Battersea Power Station with the disco ball bedecked golf cart sitting outside that's perfect for selfies. Once inside, you'll be immersed in a world of bright, happy colours and it's impossible not to have at least a little bit of fun there.

dining area at Birdies in Battersea Power Station
Checking in is pretty easy. If you've booked online, they send you a QR code to your email that you can use on your phone, so there's no need to bother with a printer. The hostess simply took our names, gave us a score card & pencil and directed us to the bar. There are lots of drinks options available and food as well, but it's worth noting that any food needs to be kept in the dining area, however you can take your drinks on the course with you. There's also a self-service coat check with hangers & shelves where you can leave anything you don't want to wear or carry and it's so easy-going. Right next to that is a place where you can select your ball (there are 4 neon colours available to prevent confusion) and your club. There are clubs available in both children's and adult sizes.

Bar at Birdies

Of course we started out at the bar where the staff was super friendly and helpful. The bartender asked me what my favourite spirit is and when I said vodka, he quickly apologised for not having a single vodka cocktail on the menu, but then he helped me choose a tequila-based one that was out of this world. Made with two types of tequila and raspberry, the neon blue Electric Boogaloo was an obvious choice for me and it was delicious! If you've ever had a blue raspberry Charms Blow Pop in America, that's exactly what it tasted like. Served in a tiki style glass with a wedge of pineapple and a matching blue & white striped straw, the Electric Boogaloo is something I would definitely order again and I couldn't help but think it might be named after one of my favourite childhood movies... Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. My husband ordered a beer and there are a few on tap alongside other bottled options, but there are also plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available as well.

Electric Boogaloo cocktail

All of the holes are numbered, so it's pretty easy to know where to start, where to go next and what to do. Each hole has an area nearby where you can set down your drinks, which is super handy. You can play at your own pace really and some holes take a little longer than others, so there might be a little bit of waiting, but honestly I hardly noticed it since we were having a drink at the same time and enjoying the music. We did however play a couple of the holes more than once while we were waiting, which was fun... I'm not sure if that's against the rules, but hey ho.

playing mini golf

Each hole has a different theme and some are more challenging than others, but none of them are terribly difficult compared to other, more complicated crazy golf courses I've played on in the past. It's worth noting that on many (if not all) of the holes there's more than one way to play, but it might be hidden. Look for tiny tunnels or other ways to get the ball where you want it to go - it might not be obvious at first.

crazy golf course at Battersea Power Station

There are 9 holes in total and it takes about 45 minutes to play through with two people. Two of the holes are enclosed, meaning they're in dark, small rooms, so if you're claustrophobic, be warned that this course might not be your cup of tea or you might just want to skip those holes. The entire course is colourful and fun with different obstacles to trip you up. All-in-all it's great fun and the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Of course before and after your game, you can chill in the dining area or if the weather is good, there are also tables outside. The menu consists of a selection of bar food favourites from tacos to burgers and everything in between. Click here to read the full menu

Cocktail and draught beer at Birdies in Battersea Power Station

Birdies is located in the arches at Battersea Power Station. It's walking distance from Battersea Park Station (accessible by the Orange Overground tube line and Southern Railways trains) and super close to Battersea Power Station Pier if you want to travel there by boat on the Thames Clipper. The Queenstown Road Battersea Station is also pretty close - about a 10 minute or so walk away, so that's an option too on Southwestern Railways (trains to/from Waterloo station). Prices are £10 per person off-peak, £12 per person during peak hours and £6 per person for under 18's. Birdies does cater for large groups and parties by request, if that's of interest. For more information, to make a booking or to check out photos of the course, visit playbirdies.com

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