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FFS - the Razor Subscription You Need to Sign Up For Now

FFS - the Razor Subscription You Need to Sign Up For Now

I've been hearing so much about razor subscriptions from influencers and friends in the US, mainly Billie the Razor, but sadly when I went online to order one I found that it's not yet available in the UK. So I Googled in search for a UK equivalent and I found FFS, which doesn't stand for what you might think... It actually stands for Friction Free Shaving. I was impressed by the website, the design of the product and the price, so I signed up straight away and I'm really glad I did.

FFS Razor Blade

I've long been frustrated with razors because it takes ages and many attempts to find one that's good and really works, but then all of a sudden when you need one most, they're sold out in your local shop or no longer available and then it's back to square one. I'm also not generally impressed by the expensive price tags on razors & blades in the pharmacies, especially given that the quality isn't always brilliant. They're very expensive and barely effective. FFS is the new subscription that I never knew I needed and it's coming in super handy now more than ever since going to a pharmacy in my neighbourhood at the moment requires waiting in a queue for at least half an hour or longer.

Here's how it works... You sign up and it's £9. That's it - just £9 a month. In your first shipment you get the razor handle, a clamshell protective case and four blades. Following that you get 4 blades a month, but if you want you can defer your monthly order, swap out blades for other products, skip a month or even set it up for every two months. It's super flexible so that you can get what you need, but you aren't tied to accepting more than you can use and you can cancel any time. It's pretty brilliant the way they've set it up especially since you might not want to shave quite so often at certain times of the year.

The razors are designed with women's bodies in mind and it really shows. I've never owned a better razor and I feel like I've tried pretty much everything out there. My experience with FFS has been super smooth (pun intended) - no cuts, no problems and a close shave that's lasted almost a whole week every time. I'm a big fan of my FFS razor, but I'm also pretty taken with the brand as a whole... 

recyclable packaging

FFS offers a reusable handle, so the only thing you have to replace are the blades, which cuts down on waste. There's also an option to recycle the blades and all of the packaging is recyclable as well. All of the products they offer are cruelty-free and there's absolutely no animal testing. The products offered are made from natural ingredients and are complementary to each other. I've only tried one of the other products available, the wax strips, but they're excellent and I've already ordered more. Other products include skincare for the body, shaving cream, natural deodorant and lip balms. I can't wait to try them all. Honestly I don't have a bad thing to say about FFS - I'm so glad I found them! I have a subscription for replacement blades every two months, so it's just costing me £4.50 per month, which is a lot less than what I was paying for razors and blades at the pharmacy that I was never truly happy with. I'm saving money and getting a better product so it's a win! 

FFS is the winner of the Pure Beauty Awards Best New Hair Removal Product 2019. For more information or to sign up visit

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