Friday, May 15, 2020

At Home Manis - Neon Nails for Spring & Summer

At Home Manis - Neon Nails for Spring & Summer
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With nail salons closed, it's back to good ole fashioned at-home manicures and I'm actually really okay with it. I used to do my own nails all the time and I was excited about it. I'd paint my nails sometimes two or three times a week to match my outfits and I enjoyed it. Somewhere along the line I got busy and started to neglect my nails. Around the time I started dancing about 3 years ago, I got excited by all the chic manicures I'd see at competitions and immediately started getting shellac and sometimes acrylic extensions. My shellac and extensions wore out weeks ago and here I am, full circle it seems and painting my nails again as we probably all are. And funny enough, I'm enjoying it again... It's fun!
Revolution Beauty Neon Nail Polish in Boom Boom
Revolution Beauty Neon Nail Polish in Boom Boom - £4
I was so out of practice that I had to order a few manicure tools and some nail polishes because I'd gotten rid of most of my old ones. I'm not sure if it's the sunny weather we've been having or the lockdown mood, but I was instantly drawn to some neon shades I found and now that's all I want to wear on my nails. Scroll through the photos below to see some great neon nail polish options for Spring & Summer that are sure to brighten your lockdown mood! Simply click on the pics to shop directly.


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