Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A Lockdown Valentine's Day Play List

A Lockdown Valentine's Day Play List

I normally don't really care that much about Valentine's Day... I mean, I sometimes make cookies or bring sweets to my friends, but my husband and I don't usually bother much with dinner reservations or fancy gifts. This year, in more ways than one, is very different. We're celebrating, mostly because we could do with a little something to look forward to and I'm sure we're not the only ones. I've put together a weekend menu, I've bought some cute decorations to put up on Friday, the gifts are ordered (mostly just some things that would be nice treats for our current lockdown life) and I've made a play list. While you might be expecting a Valentine's Day play list full of sappy, romantic love songs, I've taken a different course this year because we're living in different times... I've made a happy play list, one that makes me want to sing into my hairbrush and dance. While I'm hoping it might inspire some wine-fuelled singing and dancing with my sweetie this weekend, it's perfectly curated to also be great for listening to on your own, with your gal pals or while chillin with your roommates. To me, Valentine's Day isn't about having a significant other... It's a day all kinds of love and I can't think of anything that's more worth a celebration. I hope you'll check out this play list and join me this weekend, singing into your hair brush and dancing around your living room, celebrating because goodness knows we could all use a little fun right about now.


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