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Recent Recipes No. 1 - What I Cooked in January

Recent Recipes No. 1 - What I Cooked in January
1. White Meat Sauce / 2. Basic White Loaf / 3. Sage Butter
4. Bolognese Sauce / 5. Maitre D'Hotel Butter / 6. Roast Chicken
7. Homemade Pasta / 8. Yoghurt Cake / 9. Basil Butter

I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, so this year I made goals. It's a simple list of things I hope to accomplish this year. One of the things I hope to accomplish in 2021 is to cook 104 (2 per week) new recipes I've never tried before. I've already gotten off to a great start with 16 in January, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites here. 

1. White Meat Sauce - The Silver Spoon Cookbook
This is one of the best things I think I've ever made and to be honest, I turned my nose up when I first read the recipe. It didn't sound that appealing to me, but boy was I wrong. While the name of this sauce isn't particularly enticing, it's so flavourful and delicious. I know I'll be making this one a lot more in the future.

2. Basic White Loaf - How to Eat by Nigella Lawson
Another of my New Year's goals for 2021 is to learn how to make bread. I've started this journey making the first bread recipe in Nigella Lawson's first ever cookbook How to Eat which I have had for years, but never opened before this year. It's a great recipe that makes a delicious loaf of bread. The first time I burnt it because I think the suggested temperature is too hot, but with some adjusting, I've now made 4 successful loaves of this bread, one of which was with half wholemeal flour and it's one of my favourite things to do in lockdown now. 

3. Sage Butter - The Silver Spoon Cookbook
Sage Butter is one of the easier recipes I made this month, but also one of the tastiest. I made this to serve on some cheese ravioli I had in the freezer and my husband proclaimed that it was the best thing I'd made in the last three years. I loved it too and the crispy sage leaves on top were amazing!

4. Bolognese Sauce - The Silver Spoon Cookbook
All these years I've been doing bolognese all wrong and I never knew it. The idea of putting white wine in a pasta sauce literally appalled me until I made this sauce recipe. It was delicious and though it requires quite a long time to cook, it's relatively easy and doesn't involve too much prep.

5. Maitre D'Hotel Butter - The Silver Spoon Cookbook
I love making flavoured butters. They can be kept in the fridge or the freezer to add flavour to everyday cooking, making life a lot easier. This butter recipe was easy peasy and delicious with steak!

6. Roast Chicken
Not from a cookbook, I've been trying to perfect my own roast chicken recipe lately, which means we've been having a lot of delicious roast dinners. I know what you're thinking... The world doesn't need another roast chicken recipe, but I beg to differ. Watch this space... My roast chicken has been brilliant lately, mostly because I've been roasting it slightly different to the norm.

7. Homemade Pasta
I actually can't remember where I got the recipe I've been using, but homemade pasta is pretty standard... It's eggs and flour. The rolling, the cutting and all that is the tricky bit. I made my first batch with the new pasta machine I got for Christmas in January and it was so yummy, but too thick and it all stuck together. I just need to practice more, which can only mean one thing... I get to eat more pasta!
I don't like yoghurt, but I love this cake! I shared slices (socially distanced drop-offs of course!) with a few neighbours and friends as well and it got rave reviews from everyone who tasted it.

9. Basil Butter - The Silver Spoon Cookbook
I know that many people love to eat basil, but I'm not one of them... It always tastes like grass to me when I get a giant basil leaf on my pizza. This butter however is perfection. I served it over steamed cod, fried gnocchi and boiled petit pois in a bowl and it was like fancy fish & chips. So delicious, this was a big hit at dinner time in my home!

Did you cook any recipes you loved in January?


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