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affiliate marketing
This website contains some affiliate marketing links, ads & tools or widgets, meaning that I earn a very small commission on the sales or click-throughs of some products & services featured here from the brand. The commission is incredibly small in most cases, sometimes only a few pennies. The content on Pink Julep is in no way influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. Everything you see here is personally curated by me (Ashley) and in cases where there are no affiliate links available for products being featured, the content remains the same.  I link to non-affiliate products and websites all the time quite happily. In fact, I love supporting new, under-the-radar or up & coming brands that I believe in, the likes of which are rarely represented by affiliate marketing organizations. Third party services are used to enable affiliate partnerships including Rewardstyle and Shopstyle Collective.

a note on integrity
Free stuff doesn't equal guaranteed free advertising or coverage on Pink Julep. The integrity of this blog is valued more than anything else and while many things featured here are gifted, they are always disclosed with a "c/o" meaning courtesy of and are only chosen to be featured because I actually love them and think they're worth the money. A good number of things on this blog are items I've purchased myself and decided were worth sharing. Either way, my opinions and recommendations can't be bought with either money or gifts, so what you see here are recommendations that I believe in and in most cases, they are for things you'd find in regular use in my own home or closet. I turn down a large percentage of gifting and sponsorship requests that aren't a good fit for the blog and when gifted items aren't up to par, they don't receive coverage on Pink Julep. If I don't love it, I won't waste my time telling you about it!

But what about round-ups and wish list posts?
I do occasionally put together round-up posts featuring multiple products that I don't own myself. These are simply wish lists of things I'd love to purchase, but unfortunately I haven't discovered that magic money tree yet. These posts are curated based on my opinions & personal taste which again, can't be bought and will never be put across as anything other than window shopping unless I've actually purchased one or more of the products included in the post. I make no claims to vouch for the quality of any product featured in these types of posts or the Wish List section of the shopping page. They are simply intended to share things I've found and fallen in love with that you may not have seen yourself... It's like I get to take you shopping with me! (Wouldn't that be fun?)

Any sponsored content or advertising on Pink Julep will ALWAYS be clearly noted as such at the bottom of the post and the links will be marked as "no follow" in accordance with Google regulations. It's not just a policy, I firmly believe it's the right thing to do. I make no claim to share the views and opinions of the brands who sponsor in the form of gift or advertising of any kind, nor is the content on Pink Julep influenced in any way by sponsors or partnerships. If it's not a good fit and I'm not in love with it, you won't see it here, even if they pay me - it's as simple as that!

but I haven't seen any clearly noted sponsored content in a while... 
That's because there hasn't been any for the past few years... Sponsored content on Pink Julep has not historically been the main source of income for the blog and more importantly, it is heavily vetted. I personally select partners specifically that I feel are a good, natural fit on Pink Julep on a case-by-case basis and honestly, almost all requests have been turned down immediately. In cases where the requests are put through to the next round, they sometimes do not come to fruition because I insist on best practice (no-follow links, clear disclosure of sponsorship, etc.). In any event, if you're scratching your head looking for these partnerships, not to worry... When there's new sponsored content on Pink Julep, you'll know it!

comments & posts
I love hearing from you, I love getting your questions and always encourage the free sharing of opinions, even when they don't agree with mine. While your comments are always super welcome here and I love reading them, let's remember to play nice! You are welcome to agree, disagree or question anything you like, but being offensive in any way is just plain rude. Pink Julep reserves the right to remove any previous posts or comments without notice or explanation at the discretion of the editor.  Anything deemed inappropriate, negative, offensive, illegal or considered to be spam may be deleted at the discretion of the editor. This includes comments containing rude language, spammy self-promotion or other content unrelated to the post. 

share thoughtfully
Please take care if you are taking imagery or content from Pink Julep. Everything you see here is created by me (Ashley) and is exclusive to Pink Julep from photos and collages to the very words on this page. Countless hours go into everything you see here, so if you Pin, Tweet, share on Facebook, share on your blog or reproduce the work on Pink Julep anywhere else, please respect that and link back to the original content with a credit. Any photos, content, designs (including headers and other graphics) must be credited and linked to the original post with written permission from Ashley Turner of Pink Julep. If you find this confusing, you're in doubt, or you aren't quite sure how to do this, that's okay - just send me an email to and I'll be happy to help! Sharing is caring, but stealing is lame. 

work with pink julep
Please note that I only feature products, brands, services, etc. that are a good fit for the blog. Unfortunately, not all samples that are received make the cut, but a good way to avoid this is to ask me first. Occasionally a sample that's received isn't quite up to par and therefore won't be featured on the blog, but I'm always happy to provide honest feedback to brands or their PR represenation in these cases. For more information or to collaborate, email

sponsored content, advertising & other collaborations
I love a good collaboration, don't you? If you're interested in sponsoring content on Pink Julep or associated social media profiles, have a project you think might be right up my street or would like to talk about a clever collaboration idea, I'd love to hear from you! Please note that all sponsored content on Pink Julep is clearly noted as such, written by me (Ashley) and reflects my own views, opinions and personality. Guest content of any kind is not currently accepted on Pink Julep. If you think your brand is just what I've been looking for, let's chat more about working together! To discuss collaborations, an exciting opportunity or request pricing and details, please email

Didn't find what you were looking for or have a question? Please check out the About and FAQ's pages or send your question to

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