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Please read this privacy policy carefully to understand how your personal data is collected, used and stored by Pink Julep.

This is the Privacy Policy for, a blog written and operated by Ashley Turner. Your personal data is not nor will ever be sold, misused, shared with or traded with other companies for any business or marketing purposes. All information detailed below is only accessed by author & operator of Pink Julep, Ashley Turner with a password that is not held or accessed by any other parties or people.

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are used to track the user's devices and online behaviour to improve experience and analyse traffic, but they do not collect any identifiable personal data. When you agree to allow cookies, you consent to cookies on an ongoing basis for this website.

Pink Julep uses Google Analytics, a third party service to collect basic and standard internet information including traffic details and visitor internet behaviour patterns. This helps to understand effectiveness of content in order to keep the blog interesting including the number of visitors to the site and its various sections as well as general demographics. No individual is identified nor does Pink Julep (or author & operator Ashley Turner) make any attempt to discover individual identities - this is simply general information used for analytical purposes only to measure the success of the blog and its content. While Pink Julep may occasionally share general analytical numbers such as traffic stats with PR's, companies or brands and relevant third party for the purposes of securing collaborations & sponsored content, none of the data collected includes personal, identifiable information about individuals - it's all very general, for example the number of people who read the blog each month. Click here to read the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Blog Comments & Website
This website is a Blogger (a Google company) website and all comments collected are done so through Blogger. I do not personally collect or store or use any information collected by Blogger in these comments. Please be advised that you may be asked to include an email address or a name/URL to leave a comment, but this information is not stored and/or used by Pink Julep (or author Ashley Turner). You also have the option of leaving a comment anonymously if that's what you prefer. Click here to read the Google Privacy Policy.

Pink Julep only offers subscription at this time through a third-party provider called Bloglovin. There is no mailing list for Pink Julep at this time. I do not have access to any mailing lists, including any generated through Bloglovin sign-ups/followers. For more information, click here for the Bloglovin Privacy Policy.
Click here for the Bloglovin Terms of Use.

Pink Julep uses a pre-made design template purchased from Pipdig, which is a third party provider and all of their templates are GDPR compliant. No information retained by Pipdig is accessible to Pink Julep or author Ashley Turner. Click here to read the Pipdig Privacy Policy.

Affiliate Marketing
Pink Julep contains some affiliate marketing links, ads, tools and widgets, meaning that I (author Ashley Turner) earn a very small commission on the sales or click-throughs of some products & services featured here at no additional cost to the user. It's sort of like an advertising commission fee for being featured on Pink Julep. The commission is incredibly small in most cases, sometimes only a few pennies. Two third party services are used to enable these affiliate partnerships and Pink Julep or its author & operator Ashley Turner do not receive, collect or store any personal, identifiable data from using these services. The services work by embedding tracking links into the site (Pink Julep). When you click on these links, a cookie will be placed on your browser to track sales and/or clicks (for pay per click services) in order to appropriately distribute the commission to me. Affiliate marketing is not a trick, but simply a way for blogs and brands to work together and for bloggers to be able to earn a little income for their work when appropriate.
Click here to read the Rewardstyle Privacy Policy. 
Click here to read the Shopstyle Collective Privacy Policy (including in the T&C's).

This privacy policy was last amended on June 28, 2018 and will be reviewed and revised as needed on a regular basis.

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